You’re Not a Just a ‘Woman in Tech’: Nominate Your SXSW Hero

You’re not a woman in tech, you’re a soldier and a hero and your crown is waiting to be claimed. Nominate yourself or a woman you worship, participating in this year’s SXSW Interactive.

Why Though?

You grew up in a world where storybook heroes were little boys, where schoolyard sports made you feel like you weren’t good enough, where the boss in every film you saw was a white man.

You learned your way in a world where the success you dreamt for yourself and the confidence you had in your own abilities were eroded within an inch of their life, by the images and attitudes society relentlessly put upon you.

Yet Here You Stand

And here we all stand looking upon a host of other women who’ve made it through.

Women’s participation in technology and science (and indeed every area of life) is important in practice. It contributes to the innovation and success of companies. The wider the breadth of experiences from a diverse group of people, the richer a product, service and experience can be. That in turn stands to benefit a wider group.

Your Glory

It isn’t enough to work quietly and diligently through our projects. The glory and the fame and the celebration of your wins is as vital.

We must stand up and loudly proclaim our heroic journeys through uncharted territories and cruel adversities. We must stand up and display the diversity driving technology and business today. We must show off our sparkling crowns, our awards and accolades as a clear signal to the young people of our world that their dreams shall not be made small.

We must show them that great contributions to society have every face, every color, every gender. We must show them what a girl can be. Show them who these girls are.

Their Confidence

Half of my challenges as an entrepreneur have been internal. That I need to remember to tell myself I’m good enough each time something seemingly insurmountable arises. “I can do this” is an almost hourly, inner battle cry. It’s time consuming, and on bad days, it’s all-consuming.

So let us not stand by and watch the self-belief of a new generation of women be tested in their rise to the top, of every business, every board room, every government, every institution.

It’s time to claim your crown. It’s time for changing the ratio and the ratio of exposure, and it’s TIME to reap the rewards that brings to everyone.

We are GirlCrew, we see you, and now, it’s time to salute you.

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