WWW: What Was WowCrew? Web Summit 2014

WowCrew pop-up group created as a temporary sub group of GirlCrew! The W-o-w stood for Women of Web.

GirlCrew is a group that started in Dublin and has now gone global. Its a great way to make friends and network. Friendship is a diverse thing with support and fun at its heart. For reasons I listed on my initial post about creating the PopUp crew for the Web Summit, I thought the qualities I’d seen in GirlCrew could easily transfer to a conference space. WowCrew was unveiled. It works in cities and The Web Summit is like a Pop Up city or town. To watch it take shape, momentum and support so quickly was incredible.

In doing so, it also rapidly created the kind of space and friendships and connections I had hoped it might. It also meant we got to try take a photo of all the women at the summit. And we got to try to get a photo that had a 50:50 ratio just to see what that would look like. Girls from the group got to speak about their ideas on the Independent’s video coverage of the event.

Since the Web Summit ended, we all stayed in touch to share post-conference thoughts, ideas and articles. Though the Facebook group for the WowCrew is gone, those behind it, part of it or supportive of it have moved to here if you’d like to join us.

Sharing it from my perspective is only one aspect of it all though. So I asked the girls for their experience of it too. Thanks everyone for making it as cool as it was.

Being part of the WowCrew was…

WowCrew by GirlCrew

Sophie Syed, Founder, Hikemeup

‘After I found out I was going for the Web Summit to exhibit my startup, a mobile advertising app called Hikemeup, I was beyond excited. However, I then realised as I was booking my flights that I was about to travel 11,192km from Singapore to Dublin, a town where I knew nobody and that I had never been to!

I stumbled across the WowCrew Facebook Group and was so relieved to find that Elva Carri had the foresight to set this up. What a fantastic idea – hats off to you & GirlCrew! You made every single woman who was aware of this group suddenly feel much more at ease about travelling to a traditionally male-dominated event & a totally foreign country! I loved meeting up with some of the WowCrew on Tuesday night – it was lovely to see so many women (and some men who were welcome) come together and share their experiences & stories.

I hope you start a GirlCrew in Singapore!’

@SophieSyed hikemeup.com

Kritika Ashok, Founder Art Nouv

‘I only found out about the WoWcrew towards the end of the first day. It was so great to meet so many others. Together, the girls showed the power of us females. To be a female founder is always tricky but to find a group of girls who feel exactly that way is amazing. I had some great chats, got a mention by independent.ie on twitter, enjoyed some great laughs and made new friends!’

@kforkritika | @art_nouv | artnouv.com

Nehmi Klaassen, PR Manager, Yieldr

‘One could argue that there are many bootcamps, workshops and educational opportunities making themselves available to women in tech. What good are these opportunities if the culture provided for women in tech is not a welcoming one? WowCrew is building a culture of support and mentorship for women in tech. So that we more than just challenge the norm, but become it.’


Who knows if it will pop-up again next year. Who knows if it will pop up somewhere else in between. If you want to join your local GirlCrew, or start one, get in touch.

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