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By now, most of us have experienced some unexpected surprises from being part of GirlCrew. One of the things that is really great, is that other start-ups have started reaching out to us to see if you lot would be interested in checking out some great, local, innovations. One such company to do just that is World Inside Out. Their aim is to allow people who have recently moved to a city to meet with a local and discover some more about their surrounds. Ten plucky girls from San Francisco jumped at the chance, and Jazzmin Baruela has told us all about her experience with the platform.


Being in GirlCrew San Francisco I was given opportunities to meet other like-minded-strong women. I didn’t know what other opportunities would lay before me; then I was introduced to World Inside Out (WIO). There it was, posted for everyone to see; at first glance it was questionable. The concept of a service where you pay to meet up with a local guru sounded far-fetched. As I mulled over it I realize I don’t even know about the city other than the tourist side; I took a dive.

Living in the East Bay for little over a year I still couldn’t call NorCal my home because there were so many places undiscovered. It wasn’t a hard decision, I signed up and what happened next became a beautifully orchestrated adventure waiting.

My expectations were at minimum; hang out with a local, grab some lunch, and talk about the city. The end. Nope, I had a pre-call with my Guru, Renee; she asked me all these questions about myself and my love for food. Twenty minutes into the conversation she found the perfect activity to do, taco grazing. Never heard of the concept? It’s basically going to several taco shops and sampling their tacos. You buy a taco, take it to go, and eat it before going to the next taco shop.

For about a little over two hours we had tacos, we walked Mission (mostly 24th street), and I learned about the culture of the city in that particular area. Renee shared her story when she moved in the city and gave me sage advice on what it is to be a local in the city. If there was anything I took out of there other than a belly full of tacos was how San Francisco resonates the importance of diversity and community.

Have to admit, I’m getting seriously jealous thinking about a Mission taco crawl, as a fan of eating, and strolling, this is right up my alley; plus, it has GirlCrew event written all over it. In fact, not so long ago GirlCrew Dublin held a cake crawl. Why not set up a similar event with your crew, there’s definitely some tasty treats, and chats, to enjoy.

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