Women’s Network

Women's Network

Networking can be tedious and rather difficult at times, but that is why GirlCrew is here to help. As a vital part of improving your career, we understand the importance of a successful and well rounded women’s network.

Moving on up in your career is not a ladder, but instead a jungle gym; in other words: it is not as simple as going from one position on up to the next, there are a lot of ups and downs along the way. We are here to help you overcome those obstacles, so you can be the empowering, successful women we know you are. These 5 easy tips will provide you with the basics of networking, that will help you get to where you want to be in your career.

1. Diversify Your Network

Many people don’t understand the importance of building a network that is bigger than those in your current career. When building your network, you must first understand where you are and where you want to be, because your network will be how you can get there. There are four different areas that make up your overall network: work network, out of work network, future career network, and personal development network. Figure out how strong your network is now so you can figure out what areas need improvement, in order to build a strong, unified network. GirlCrew Premium is one of the best ways to create a balanced women’s network by meeting amazing women in your area that work in a wide range of careers.

2. Get Active

It is important to set goals of attending networking events or setting up informative interviews at least a few times per month, and follow them through! These events will be vital to the success and breadth of your network, and they can actually be quite fun and interesting if you go in with the right attitude. Get out of your comfort zone and be a social butterfly, if you cling to one person or are act introverted, the event will not be very successful. Never forget to bring your business cards and get others a. At the end of a conversation or the event, jot down information about a contact for future follow up, like personal info they shared with you. That way, the next time you reach out to the contact you can personalize the conversation and impress them with your memory.

3. Stay Up-to-Date

Keeping your LinkedIn profile and resume current is important for networking and your brand. Joining groups and sharing posts of your interest on LinkedIn can show potential employers or contacts who you are, what you have done, and what you are about. Additionally, social media such as Facebook, and Twitter displays your brand, so make sure that all posts are tasteful and a good example of yourself. Use social media to your advantage by reaching out to others on these platforms, they will add more depth to your network as a whole.

4. Ask for Help

Start by reaching out to those currently in your network to see if they would be willing to introduce you to those that would be great contributions to your network. Additionally, ask for advice on how to continue with your job search or moving up the totem pole in your career from those that have been where you are now. The point of this is to not ask for a job, but instead to listen to what they have to say and use this knowledge to better your position.  

5. Follow Up

By immediately following up to those you interacted with in meetings, events, etc., with handwritten, personalized thank you notes it will go a long way. These interactions are not limited to just the interviewee, it could be the receptionist, executive assistant, and anyone else that was helpful in the interaction. However, do not stop after the immediate follow up. Sending regular emails or notes to update them on where you are now versus where you were before will help keep the contact alive in your network. 

How do you feel about our advice to build your network? Let us know below if we have missed a tip that has really helped you. Spaces like GirlCrew are specifically designed so women can connect with others in their area – we’re a little biased, but why not start with us!

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