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A self described quinntessential ‘Dub’ and practicing Catholic, wouldn’t immediately spring to mind when you think pro-choice. But for rapper, Mango, supporting others comes first.

I support the abortion rights movement because I was raised by two strong women who taught me the importance of treating women equally. I think the abortion rights movement is one of the most important causes in modern Ireland. And needs all the support it can get. I support not just for my mother and sister, but for all mothers and sisters and daughters.

 It means giving women equal rights. It decriminalizes abortions that will happen regardless of legislation.

It means that any woman can be given basic healthcare and make it safer for women who need or want an abortion. It will hopefully take away the stigma for those who have had or need an abortion and will stop unnecessary travel to England for medical procedures.

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This referendum is not about your views on abortion. It is not about encouraging abortions – which is a point I hear brought up by anti choice critics to my bafflement. This referendum is about empathy and ethics. A vote for repealing the 8th amendment means you are saying that what a woman wants to do with her own body is her choice. It has no effect on you, your beliefs or your way of life. It simply gives women the right to choose whether they want an abortion or not.

For those afraid to speak up, I know that on both sides there is toxicity and nasty behaviour. But when you lay out simply what both sides stand for, in my opinion, repealing the 8th amendment is extremely necessary.

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The uncomfortable conversations at home or at work or with your friends will help the campaign immensely. Calmly and succinctly explaining why we need to repeal the 8th, to people who for the most part do not know the facts is the way for us to win. Everyone needs to play there part.

As much as this is a women’s issue, I am a practicing Catholic man yet I still see that my voice is needed to support. Because if a friend of mine, is like me, and sees that I can come out and be vocal with my support. He will too. It’s deeper than wearing a repeal jumper and using a hashtag. It’s arming yourself with the facts and day to day activism and support that can and hopefully will save many women’s lives in the future.

– Mango is a 26 year old rapper, spoken word artist, born and reared in Dublin’s city’s North Side. A quintessential ‘Dub’ who blends the quick wit through his slang filled lyrics with a soundscape of producer MathMan’s grimey rave inspired beats. Joe.ie have described him as “the voice of the lost generation”.

The aim of this series is to be a starting point for conversations. We’d encourage you to start actively thinking about the future you want to see for this country. You can make a difference by voting. If you are unsure whether you are registered to vote or not, make sure you check the register. You have until Nov. 25th to inform your local council if your name does not appear.

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