Why I Marched – Jess Kav / Michael Dillon

Hotpress cover star and singer, Jess Kav, and equality fan, Michael Dillon, give their thoughts on the 8th amendment, and why repealing it is vital.

I think the death of Savita Halappanavar was the wake up call for me. I have always been pro-choice. The Savita story showed me very clearly, that abortion also saves lives. Mothers who have miscarried or have pregnancy complications. Without clear abortion policy, a women’s health is compromised significantly while pregnant.

Abortion will never be non-existent. Unless we stop having sex. Which no one will be doing anytime soon. No one is forcing anyone to have an abortion, but we are currently forcing people into childbirth and compromising women’s health. We are only giving women and couples the opportunity to choose.

At the moment, only the privileged who can travel and who can afford to travel have access. The leaves the most vulnerable left to compromise their safety or criminalise themselves.

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Like any emerging movement there will always be rumours and bullshit surrounding it. People will focus on the minimal few who may have said the wrong thing to a male ally at a march, or someone who went overboard online. Don’t expect your views to synchronise exactly with everyone. That’s not how it works.

The way so many counter-culture movements work, is that it is against a strict, homogenised ideology and embraces a diversity of opinions and beliefs. You don’t have to agree with everything. Meeting people face to face is a sure way to have a more balanced and stimulating discussion, so go to a local meet-up. Chat to people at a march. Or you can give me a shout. I don’t bite and I’m happy to help.

Jess Kav – has been a prominent influence in the emerging Soul, Jazz and Funk scenes in Ireland for several years. Raised by an Irish-African mother and Soul enthusiast who sustained her on a musical diet of Motown, Jazz and Irish Indie.

As an Irish man I don’t see why I, and the women I got pregnant, should have to travel aboard for an abortion if we want to have one. It means providing people with the means to having an abortion if they want. At the very least it should allow for women to have an abortion if their health (either physical or mental) is in jeopardy.

Listen to the medical experts. Ask yourself why does the Republic of Ireland have some of the strictest abortion laws in the whole world? And is that a situation we should be happy about? If you believe woman should be allowed travel to the UK to have an abortion then why should that service not be provided in Ireland? There are women out there who found the courage to travel to a foreign country to have an abortion. If they can get past that fear, you should be able to as well.

– Michael Dillon – man who believes in equality for all

The aim of this series is to be a starting point for conversation. It’s time to start talking about these issues with your friends and family. We can make things safer for the people of Ireland by voting. If you are unsure whether you are registered to vote or not, make sure you check the register. You have until Nov. 25th to make sure you are on the register.

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