Why I Marched – Faye O’Rourke

The realities of the 8th Amendment impact much more than just abortion. Faye O’Rourke of Little Green Cars calls for a rational and scientific approach.

I support the abortion rights campaign because it’s a human rights issue. It is a human right for women to choose what happens to their body. We have let tragedies happen under the 8th amendment in this country and lives have been lost. We are letting women feel degraded and ashamed. We are forcing them to leave our country to procure abortions that in some cases are their only option. We have been fighting this prejudice against women for decades.

I believe the church and state must be firmly separated from one another to allow for this country to protect and nurture its women. What has been done in the name of religion in this country through out the course of history is heinous and unimaginable and its time to create a new Irish identity from the one that has had its hold on us. Currently equating the production of cells undergoing embryogenesis to a woman’s life is archaic and totally unjust.

A woman who has been raped or who may die from complications or who may loose a child and have to carry that child to term should not be made a criminal for doing what is one of the hardest things you could ever do. The 8th amendment must be repealed.

We can’t be truly free or equal citizens until the 8th amendment is repealed. It would mean our country is taking responsibility for women’s health and safety and leaving behind the appalling legacy of the church. We need to meet the standards of the rest of Europe. And give people the credit they deserve to take control of their own bodies and give them the choice to decide what is best for themselves. Repealing the 8th amendment would mean bodily autonomy and freedom. What every human being is owed.

Abortion is in no means a black and white issue and I would ask them to try and see it as more than that. The idea of a baby takes hold of rationality and reason before it is even come to be. I’d ask them to look at science and look at the circumstances some women are under and what they have suffered. An abortion is a life changing decision and isn’t easy for anyone.

I would urge them to try and give their trust to the women of Ireland to make their own decisions. Faced with the choice personally I would have no idea how I would act. It’s nearly unthinkable. All I know is I deserve the credit to define my own life.

If you support the campaign please speak up. You’re vital to achieving the result this country needs. In order for the country to represent us we must assert ourselves and speak out against what is unjust. Remaining silent is to condone the constraint and the control he Irish government has over women. We must support each other. We must build a better society and a safer one. There are groups of women who are marginalised from the conversation, like those in traveller communities or women in direct provision and they deserve to be heard just as loudly. If you’re in a position to change this country please do so. Every voice needs to be counted at the table.

– Faye O’Rourke, singer/songwriter for Little Green Cars and co-founder of Imp Hour Events.

The aim of this series is to be a starting point for conversations. We’d encourage you to start actively thinking about what type of society you want to live in. We’ll soon have the chance to vote on the 8th Amendment. If you are unsure whether you are registered to vote or not, make sure you check the register. You have until Nov. 25th to inform your local council if your name does not appear.

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