What to Do If You’re New to the Crew – FAQs

1. How does GirlCrew work?

At the moment, it all works through closed/secret Facebook groups in various cities.

Within the facebook group, it’s sort of organised chaos. If you would like to do something – for example head along to a gig, go to the cinema or find a running buddy, you can simply post a comment in the main page. If other girls see it and are interested, they’ll respond and you can take it from there. You can also tag an admin to ask for it to be posted up as ‘an event’.

There are chats within the group too that aren’t always related to activities. This can range from life advice to a good hairdresser in a certain area. As the group started as all single ladies in the early days, there can still be a few dating related chats, but we have a specific group just for those chats too. It’s very secret so just send me an email info@girlcrew.com to let me know if you’d like to be added to that.

2. Say Hi

When you join, or even if you joined ages ago, you might want to say hi. You don’t have to. But if you joined for something specific – like to find girls who also work nights, or who go jogging in your area or are gig fanatics etc, saying hello and where you’re based and what you want to do can be really great. It also means someone else who might feel shy about initially posting the same thing might see it and comment.

3. Check Upcoming Events

Some events will possibly be being organised within a post in the group. It might be coffees or a night out or a walk. Feel free to jump in on any thread and say you’d like to go too. It may *look* like everyone knows each other already, but lots of girls don’t know each other or will have only been to one or two things, so you’re never crashing or intruding. If it’s posted in the group, everyone is welcome.

Other events are listed in the ‘events’ section of the group. You can find this button just under the cover photo if you’re on a computer. If you’re on a mobile or tablet, click on the group cover photo and you will see an events option there. Scroll through, click any you’re interested in and click ‘going’ to get updates etc or to post in the event page to coordinate times, places etc 🙂

4. Group Guidelines

There are lots of girls, from all sorts of backgrounds, ages, from local areas and from much further afield. There are girls with complete opposite opinions to you on some things and exactly the same feelings on other things. Girls who’ve been through the same shit/amazing things you’ve been through/experienced, and girls who haven’t. The biggest guideline is that no matter how different we are to each other, that we treat each other with respect, kindness and patience.  There is room for everyone. The focus is on going out and doing the things you really want to do, with other people who really want to do it too. And i’m still amazed at how easy and fun and nuts it’s been. It all started by accident and now i actually can’t imagine life without it and without the amazing girls i’ve become friends with or even just met and had one really nice chat or LOLs with it.

Also it’s important to keep in mind that there are a lot of people in the group. It is technically a ‘secret’ group in terms of facebook setting, but in both the regular group and the one about dating, keep in mind that it’s a good idea to consider that there may be friends/colleagues/future employers etc in there either of you or of a boy you’re dating. Keeping things vague can be considerate and screenshots must have faces and names blocked out even if they are hilarious/the worst thing anyone has ever sent you.

5. Meeting Up! The awkward “How do we find each other?!” bit…

Usually when a meetup is being organised either in a post and comment thread or as an event page, girls will post/comment to coordinate and maybe add each other/pm/swap numbers. It’s a good idea to get at least one persons number before going to your first one if you’re nervous. And feel free to ask, lots of the girls are very happy to do this including myself if i’m going. Once you get there, it’s very rarely weird or nerve wracking or awkward

6. What Kind of Events Are There?

Oh my gosh, it’s more like what kind of events aren’t there! Coffees, brunches, walks, hikes, surf trips, holidays and mini breaks abroad, gigs, nights out dancing, bubble soccer, boat parties, adventure days. If you have something you really want to do, just post it. Numbers of people at events vary from two to thirty. But if you want to organise something small privately with one or two girls you’ve met or chatted to that’s great too. You don’t have to stay committed to the crew for life, you can dip in and out as you like and at times that suit you. We’ll miss your face but we’ll forge on as long as you’re happy 😉

7. Too Many Notifications or Too Much GC in Your Feed?

When you first join the group, you’ll be notified of all new posts in it. If you’re in a small group, this is nice. If you’re in a big group like the Dublin one, this can feel pretty bombarding. To turn off or adjust notifications for the group, click on the ‘notifications’ button on the cover photo when you’re on a computer and you can see the various options.

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 15.42.50

8. Who Can See What You Post in Groups?

Only people in the group can see your posts, so while they will show up in your timeline, people who are not in the group you’ve posted in will only be able to see it if they are standing behind you being weird. Events are also a private setting.

9. I Want To Add a Friend to the Group

Cool. The more the merrier. If you are friends with them on facebook it’s really easy. If you’re on a computer, go to the Girl Crew Dublin facebook page and on the right hand side, you’ll see a little box that says Add People To Group. Simply type their name in. If you’re on a mobile or tablet, click on the group cover photo, and you’ll see an ‘Add members’ option.

10. Is There a Boy Crew?

No. In Dublin we have a guys and girls group that people of any gender are welcome to join. However, while guys aren’t allowed to join the Facebook groups, you are totally free to organise events that you invite men along too. As long as that’s cool with the person organising/hosting the event, it’s cool with us. Some girls may be looking for girls only events so that’s fine too, but you can always organise another similar event and make it open to male friends/partners etc.

11. I Want to Promote Something

If you want to post about something related to your business or a business you work for, email info@girlcrew.com for our advertising rates, or if you’re a member, put yourself forward for a feature on the blog by emailing aine@girlcrew.com.

12. If You Need/Want to Get in Touch With Me

You might want to get in touch about anything. The best way is to email info@girlcrew.com or use our feedback form.

Any other questions just holler in the group or by email 🙂 See your gorgeous head in there. elva x

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  1. just joining up today so Hi to everyone,

    please keep me posted on any and all events happening in Dublin city centre or surrounding areas.

    many thanks


    1. Hi Colette – you have to sign up to join the facebook group to stay posted on events at the moment. Or email me info@girlcrew.com if you want to be put on email newsletter list when we get that going 🙂 Feel free to add me as Elva GirlCrew on facebook and i can add you to group that way.

  2. Hi there! This looks absolutely fantastic and I really can’t wait to dive in and get involved 🙂 thank you for doing this, it’s something I think a lot of people need and the vibe is already so positive happy and enthusiastic just from reading about it. Powerful stuff. I’d really appreciate if you could notify me of events by email please so I can keep track. Thanks so much! Xx

    1. Hi Kadie 🙂 Events are organised within our Facebook groups so I’ve sent an invite to the Dublin one to your email now if that’s where you’re based? If it doesn’t come through let me know, and all our other group links are here – http://www.girlcrew.com/groups-2/ x

  3. Hi, joined the girl crew during the week and the girl crew travel,havnt heard from the girl grew travel . will they be holidays organised on girl crew travel. I think it is a great idea the girl crew ,

    olive harte

    1. Hi Olive, if you want to go on a holiday/trip, post your idea in the group, or have a scroll through the other girls posts to see what they’re organising and if it’s something you’d like to get involved in. If you click on the ‘Events’ tab in the group you can see the things that have already been planned that you can join in too 🙂

    1. There certainly are. We keep track of requests for new groups by email and I know there’s been a few for Sn Diego so it’s definitely on our to do list. Can you send me an email with just ‘San Diego’ in the subject so I can let you know as soon as we get one going there?x It’s info@girlcrew.com x

  4. Hi lisa….i have just seen you on rte…sounds like a great group of ladies..live in derry but in dublin quite abit…love a good nite and of late been travelling solo….wood love the sound of organised trips….thanks anne marie

    1. Hi Mary, age ranges vary widely. Starts at about 25 but goes way up, over 70 in some cases, so you would be very welcome. Where are you based? As in Dublin there is a group for over 40s as well 🙂

  5. Hi , just came across this group , what a fantastic idea , well done to all in admin . As previously asked I’m wondering are there many older ladies on here ? I’m in my late 40’s ( young at heart 🙂 ) and would love to get involved in events with broadly similar age ladies . Oh I’m in Limerick .


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