What the Buckwheat? Healthy Eating in Baby Steps with Daily Videos & Recipes

Hopefully you made it through the first normal day of life since the holidays sticking to all your resolutions and happily organised for work/home/parenting/monday-parties etc. This post is to possibly help with food related promises to yourself.


Recently I interviewed Tayla and Diarmuid from Superlif,e for Positive Life, and they told me about the online healthy habits eating programme they were launching. The idea was to send people who sign up one short little video and email every day or two with some very easy, small steps to take towards healthier eating. By taking very baby steps, with the focus on sticking to them, and by incorporating the right foods and ‘superfoods’ into your diet, it should make it easier to accomplish. The idea that ‘superfoods’ are just one more myth to be debunked has been dealt with in Vogue and The Telegraph among others, but anything that encourages a balanced diet is good. And Superlife’s healthy habits programme does.

It will also get you thinking about and trying foods that are good for you that you may not have tried before and that can make the whole eating thing a lot more interesting. I like the idea of being pro stuff rather than anti stuff, so this approach supports you being pro trying healthy new foods, rather than focusing on the negatively framed alternative – quitting things that aren’t as good for you. I still feel like food is probably best for you when it’s local and seasonal because nature knows better than we do because it’s all instinct. It’s probably also better for the rest of the world if we eat that way. And things taste better when they haven’t arrived here with jet lag.

I’ve embedded the first video of the programme below to give you a taster – pun intended. The focus is on making a few small decisions and really really committing to them. Like really really. They even included a little planner and a shopping list in the email to help you do it. I like people who make things really easy for me. You can sign up for the programme here. I’m looking forward to getting into the recipes. Today was like a little prep one more than anything and the next isn’t for another two days.

Things i had to google in the supermarket though – ‘Buckwheat section of supermarket’ as i had no idea where to even look for it. I also still need to check if one should store red cabbage (“Why do you have a big dirty football?” – my sister’s response to seeing it) in the fridge or the cupboard. Possibly the shed.

I bought their breakfast topping stuff because it tastes amazing but they mention more than just their own brand in their info which is cool. I also bought one of Pure Green Juice’s juices because they are amazing and I don’t think I actually have anything to make a smoothie/juice tomorrow…potato masher and a sieve maybe?

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