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To be added to the San Francisco Premium Facebook group, please request to join here. If you signed up for Dublin, info on joining the Facebook group will arrive by email.

Please allow 72 hours for your sign up to be processed and welcome email to arrive.

Within 72 hours you’ll be provided with a welcome email, group invite, calendar subscription invite and details of upcoming events. After this time, calendar invites, email updates etc go out weekly on a Monday.

If you haven’t received any of the above after 72 hours please contact info@girlcrew.com.

If you have any other questions not covered by the information in this email, please contact info@girlcrew.com.

If you signed up to GirlCrew Premium for our monthly subscription, you’ll be automatically billed, each month, on the card you used to sign up.

If you signed up to GirlCrew Premium for the rest of 2018, a single payment will be deducted from your account. At the end of 2018, we’ll email you a link to enable you to subscribe for 2019, or choose a monthly subscription option.

You must be 18 years or older to join GirlCrew Premium.

Standard GirlCrew Guidelines apply within premium groups and events.

Your subscription is inclusive of VAT and is non-refundable.

Your subscription fee does not include tickets, food, coffees, drinks etc.

Subscription fee covers admin time in organising, booking, hosting and more.

Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled by emailing info@girlcrew.com. Please allow 72 hours for your cancellation to be processed.

To change your email address for email communication, please contact info@girlcrew.com

Payments are processed via a third party integration.

Review GirlCrew’s full Terms of Service here.