We Need To Tackle Homelessness in Ireland

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There has been a huge increase in homelessness in Ireland, and it’s just getting worse. Day by day the problem is growing To help do our bit to tackle this, we’re partnering with Inner City Helping Homeless to ensure that every month 10% of GirlCrew Premium subscription fees go straight to helping some of our most vulnerable people. On top of this, we’re also running a fundraiser to collect funds for the service.

Rising rent in Dublin has everyone scared. First came the stories of people struggling to find places easily. Then the photos of queues down the streets for viewings. Horror stories of walls sodden with damp and mold, faulty fixtures, rooms with no windows and broken heating have become somewhat par for the course. Bunk beds being rented on rotation and 45 people stuffed into one house. All topped off with indifferent landlords and estate agents who say “If you don’t take it someone else will.” Everyone is keeping their head down. The threat of rent looming over of us.

Walking through Dublin I’m constantly shocked at just how many people are on the streets. Sleeping bags are dot the city centre. A few precious belongings hurriedly bundled under bits of cardboard and wrapped in plastic bags. Couples sleep in shifts, one pair of eyes always watching passersby. Takeaway cups shaken, and calls for spare bits of change. A summer hits, tourists rub shoulders with some of Dublin’s most vulnerable people.

And the numbers appear to be growing at an alarming rate. Today in Ireland, there are roughly 9,846 homeless people. In May of this year, 3,826 children were in State-funded emergency accommodation. This is appalling. In a country with ghost estates, and what appears to be new hotel on every corner we have children living out of cars. That’s not right. 

Think about your own pay, could you survive one month your pay was suddenly stopped. What about two months, or three? Could you afford your bills if you were made redundant? What if your landlord decided to sell up and you were forced back into the rental market. Are you certain you could find an affordable place quickly. Before your savings – if you have any – ran out. If you’re childless, imagine adding children to the stress of that.

Money might feel tight for us all, but really we just need to look and how and where money is being spent. Is it right that more hotels are being built when people can’t find affordable housing? Is it right that lots remain unused, and buildings remain empty when homeless shelters are full to the brim? At the moment there are huge gaps and more and more people are falling into them. But there are groups on the front line working to make life better. One such group is Inner City Helping Homeless.

Founded in 2013, this grassroots organisation now has over 200 volunteers distributing food and clothing to those in need. In order to support their amazing work, GirlCrew is proud to announce that 10% of subscription fees for our GirlCrew Premium members will go directly to ICHH each month. Brian McLoughlin from ICHH had this to say, “ICHH are delighted to be partnering with GirlCrew and we really look forward to working alongside them over the next few months. As a non funded, volunteer run charity we rely on partnerships like this to keep our 7 day frontline advocacy and outreach going as we continue the fight against homelessness in Ireland.”

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Sunday night and the #ICHH mobile outreach unit is on the streets of Dublin carrying extra water to try and keep our homeless friends hydrated during the night. If you see someone sleeping out around the city tonight please get in touch on 085-8389281 and our mobile outreach unit will respond to their location. Thank you so so much to everyone that has donated items to help us with our #HomelessHydration over the course of the week. This will continue throughout next week and you can also support our efforts by donating here: https://m.facebook.com/donate/254299381789062/10160528461145076/?thank_you&notif_t=user_fundraiser_donations_admin&notif_id=1529931723448701&ref=m_notif #ICHH are currently looking for outreach and reception volunteers. For further details you can contact us on: volunteering@ichhdublin.com #HomelessnessIsNotNormal #MyNameis #AskWhy #volunteering #nonprofit #nonfunded #dublin #outreach

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We’re thrilled to be working with the fantastic organisation, and this is just the start. We also have some volunteer and donation drives planned, so stayed tuned for that. If you’d like to do more to help reduce homelessness in Ireland.

1. Donate

Donating money and items to an organisation like Inner City Helping Homeless is a great place to start. Depending on the organisation they will use the donations in different ways as each has their own goal. If you’re unsure which group to donate to, do some research and see which you feel most comfortable with.

2. Volunteer

If you have the time, think about volunteering. Many of the smaller organisations are totally non-funded and an extra pair of hands is always welcome. There are loads of opportunities out there, and plenty of ways your skills can be used from building websites, to driving donations to shelters.

3. Call Your TD’s

If you don’t know who your local representatives are you can find them here. Put your questions to them and press them on their commitment to tackling homelessness in Ireland in a real way. We need to put pressure on those in power to do something about this issues.

4. Get Out And Shout About It

Oftentimes if there isn’t enough of an uproar things don’t get done. While you might not be homeless yourself, or even on the verge of it, it remains a huge problem in our society. If we want to see Ireland become fairer and more progressive then we need to do something about it. 

We’re not alone in this problem. Across Europe homelessness remains an issue. But if we look to Finland we see that a strong commitment to tackling homelessness can work. The introduction of Housing First means that homeless people are given a home as soon as they become homeless. Rather a selection of services cobbled together. As a result rough sleeping is nearly eradicated, and the number of homeless people has actually declined in recent years. We hope that one day we too can see the tide turned on homelessness in Ireland.

If you’d like to help support those in need, you can donate to the fundraiser here – please help us reach even more people by sharing this article. #1PayDayAway

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