Want to Trek the Atlas Mountains in Morocco this August?

Trek the Atlas mountains to the summit of Jebel Toubkal – the highest peak in North Africa

In 2011 Niki Rose and a friend took a day trek to the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. They were completely blown away by the views, mountain villages and the amazing people they met living there. In the end, a day just wasn’t enough for them and they both longed for more time to immerse themselves in the beautiful atmosphere.

They gathered a small group of friends and organized everything for the next trek. Today, they’ve completed numerous week-long treks here as well as a 12-day stint in the Sahara desert. But they’ve done it for a cause too, raising funds each time for a small orphanage, to supply them with school equipment, first aid, toiletries and anything else they needed.

But unlike many other adventures that take place to raise funds for charities, they don’t require you to raise a specific amount of money. A donation is taken from the all-inclusive fee for the trip. And that all-inclusive fee even covers your flights. (From Gatwick airport, London.)

The trip is entirely not-for-profit. They love the place, love bringing tours over and when Niki told us about it, we really liked that they’ve found a way to not just be tourists, but to try to contribute positively to the country their enjoying too.

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But do you have to be young and extremely fit to do this?

“People who have taken part in our treks so far come from a wide range of ages and physical fitness – our youngest trekker was 20, our oldest was 67! And we have a proportional number of guides to our group so we are able to cater for all levels of fitness.”

Their next 7-day trek is from 1 August 2017 and the total cost is £880. Download their brochure for full details here,  visit trekaumaroc.co.uk or get in touch directly with Niki directly at nikirose@hotmail.co.uk.

Browse pictures from previous trips on their Facebook page. Want to find girls to go on the trek with you? Why not join GirlCrew Travel and see if anyone else is up for the same adventure?

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  1. This trip now has a reduced cost of £750! A real bargain!! Places MUST be confirmed by the end of May and secured with a deposit of £100! Come on girls – this is such a fab adventure – you will not be disappointed!!

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