Two New Groups! GirlCrew Kerry (Ireland) & GirlCrew Trips & Travel – International!!

Find friends for travelling with! Info on how GirlCrew works in general here, adapt to suit an international group looking for girls to travel with or for ideas/advice on where to go, things to see while you’re there etc 🙂 Welcome! And launching a new Irish group for Kerry!

Link to the group to find friends for travelling and trips >

Link to GirlCrew Kerry >



See you in there 🙂 elva


4 thoughts on “Two New Groups! GirlCrew Kerry (Ireland) & GirlCrew Trips & Travel – International!!”

  1. Hi Elva
    My name is Maudresa, I live in Abbyfeale and I would like to join the Girl Crew in Kerry. I have tried to do so through Facebook but there seems to be a problem with their Page. Could you please help me with a phone number of a member there as I am eager to get started. I want a new change in my life.

    Thank you for your help Elva

    Kind regards
    Maudresa Murphy
    e-mail address in 🙂

  2. Can you please help me to join up with Kerry girl crew?I am having an awful lot of difficulty. can I not just fill in an application form?

  3. Just responded to your other comment with the link there now, but if that doesn’t work, pop me on an email ( and will see can I add you to it another way 🙂 Or invite may come through to your email address now too, I’ll try that as well.

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