Trying to Achieve Goals with No Support?

Get monthly, in-person support and advice for your 2019 goals for only €5 per month with a GirlCrew premium subscription if you sign up before midnight Monday 26 November. Normal pricing €10 per month.*

As we approach the end of the year, and expect a lot of chat about New Year Resolutions, ads in our feeds from gyms and healthy eating apps, we’re here to get real for a minute about the practicalities of setting and working towards goals.

One thing that many people lack, or don’t consider, is the importance of support to help you stay committed. When it gets tough, don’t beat yourself up, turn to a network designed to support you in moving forward. We’re adding monthly Goals Sessions to our Premium membership in Dublin to do exactly that.

But here are 5 tips anyone can incorporate at home or within their own network, and how they’ll each come into play in our monthly sessions for Premium members.

1. A Practical Plan

It sounds boring and uninspiring but you don’t head off on holidays without booking a flight first! Or packing a bag. It’s important to look at where you want to be, where you are now, and the steps it actually would take to get from A-B.

In our first Premium membership goals session in January, we’ll be working through this together. For those of us who don’t even know what our goals are, we’ll be doing some work around that too. But while it’s practical, it doesn’t have to feel like hard work – it should fill you with joy and optimism. To ensure that, we’ll be doing it over coffee and cake 😉

2. Believe

So many people struggle with self doubt, anxiety, lack of confidence – what’s really challenging about this is that you might believe your inner critic so much that don’t even realise it’s self-doubt – you think it’s the truth. An unchangeable truth. It’s hard to shake that off on your own, and so at our monthly Premium membership goals sessions, we’ll be reminding each other that not only can we make progress – but that we might even enjoy it and learn something new about our abilities. If you’re doing this solo, try affirmations to remind yourself you can do it.

3. Homework

Goals, progress, habit-changing etc aren’t new concepts. People have researched human behaviour in relation to these for decades if not centuries. Everything you’ll read online will proclaim to be the magic fix – after over 10 years of being a very goal-oriented person, I think the solutions are different depending on the person. Spend some time googling, checking out apps designed to assist in the process etc and find a few tips or tools that resonate with you. At our Goals sessions for Premium members, myself and the GirlCrew team will be sharing some of our favourite tools, and using techniques we’ve learned from experts and our own experience. All of them trial and error tested! We made the mistakes so you don’t have to 😉

4. Treat Yo’Self

Start your plan off with some treat – however small. Maybe it’s just that you give yourself permission to skip housework today, make a big pot of coffee and just have some you-time to make a plan. Maybe it’s that you treat yourself to a new pen and a notebook. But find something, within your budget and time that makes you look forward to making your plan – AND, coming back to it each week.

5. Support

It could be you and just 3 or 4 other people. It could be you and 20 other people. Try to make sure the numbers are either big enough that you all have to commit, or – that there’s someone on the team who’s super power is being committed. Check in with each other on a regular basis in real life if possible, and agree on what you do to in between meeting when one of you is struggling to do the work.

The hardest times will be when we are on our own, so we need that rapport. Premium membership gives this from the get-go, but it won’t be in everyone’s budget so we wanted to share some of the secrets of what we think it really going to make this work.

Get monthly, in-person support and advice for your 2019 goals for only €5 per month with a GirlCrew premium subscription if you sign up before midnight Monday 26 November. Normal pricing €10 per month.*

*Only available in Dublin, Ireland at present. Let us know here if you’d be interested in an online version of our goals get togethers.


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  1. When it comes to new fitness goals just go little by little eventually you’ll get there. If you go to hard from the beginning you’re just gonna end up hating it.

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