Tips for Renting in Dublin

Tips for Renting in Dublin

The average cost of renting in Dublin is set to exceed €2,500 before starting to fall. And as many people renting will tell you, a high price doesn’t always mean a gorgeous home.

When your leaving home for the first time, figures like this can seem really scary and daunting. But if you’re looking for cheap apartments to rent in Dublin housesharing can be a great way to stay within budget.

Top Tips for Finding a Room to Rent in Dublin

  1. Start early – don’t leave it to the last minute to look. Finding affordable places to live in Dublin takes time.
  2. Ask friends/family – lots of rooms never even make it onto to Daft etc. They are simply passed on through friends. Put the word out in advance that you are looking. The GirlCrew app is also another great place to find rooms to rent in Dublin – and in lots of other cities too.
  3. Let work know – lots of houses have viewings throughout the day. If you can manage it, try to get to an early viewing where possible as the places can be gone by the evening. Let your bosses know that you have viewings to see if you can arrange your work schedule to accommodate them.
  4. Be prepared – Make sure you have all the necessary docs/deposits ready in case you need them that day. I don’t recommend carrying that much cash with you, but make sure you have it ready and waiting to be transferred. Many landlords will require the following – references from former landlord, proof of employment/work reference, photocopy of ID.
  5. Be sound – house-hunting is tough, and tiring, but you’d be surprised how far a smile will get you. People with rooms to rent also want to live with nice people, so put your best foot forward and be friendly.
  6. Be smart – just like it’s easier to find a job once you’re in a city, it’s also easier to find housing that way too. If you’re under time pressure, try to find something short-term as a base while you look for something else. Being settled will give you greater flexibility and take some of the pressure off.
  7. Be sensible – sure, we all want to live in some gorge pad slap bang in the city centre. But that’s often not realistic. Try going a little further afield to make your money stretch. If you don’t drive make sure you check public transport links. While some areas are a doddle to get to/from, others leave a lot of be desired. Be sure to account for this in your budget too.

Once you’ve found a place to rent it’s also good to make sure you get on well with your housemates. Our members know all about disaster rental scenarios. Living with people can sometimes make life stressful. But to make life even easier for you – we recently spoke with 3TS about how to deal with housemates.

Are you looking for places to rent in Dublin? Let us know your top tips for bagging accommodation. And if you’re on the hunt check out the GirlCrew app to find rooms, and reach out to others also looking for a new home.

9 thoughts on “Tips for Renting in Dublin”

  1. Wow I can’t believe how expensive the rent is in Dublin! Mind you, I live in Toronto and the prices are ridiculous here too. Getting tips from friends and family is a great idea for finding a good place!

  2. You have a lot of great tips that are helpful no matter where a person is looking to rent. I will be passing your post along to a friend who is right in the middle of this.

  3. Moving out and getting new place to rent can be very problematic especially you are not prepared well and their rates are as high. Thus, I agree that early preparation of finances and all that is important; according to your standard.

  4. I’ve had the chance to spend some time in Dublin which is a city I adore. It’s so sad that the rents are so high there, and yes you are so right, a high rent does not necessarily mean a great house. Thank you for the tips, I’m planning to go back soon!

  5. It sure was nice to know that there are a lot of apartment rooms that are not advertised and instead spread through friends, so it is a good idea to ask them or let them know that the person is looking for a room. I think the same thing applies to where I am currently living because my friends seem to be living in the same neighborhood, though they are all renting an apartment room. Perhaps, I can ask them for a recommendation as well since I need to move out soon. Thank you for sharing!

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