The Primal Rabbit is Here to Assist You in Your Health & Nutrition Goals for 2016

If you decided that 2016 was going to be about better health and nutrition, but you’ve struggled with keeping to goals or diets before, we’ve got just the gal to help you get on the right track – with a health attitude for your body to match your healthy resolutions.


Lyda Borgsteijn coaches people in nutrition and lifestyle programs that transform you from the inside out. She combines everything she’s learned from her work as a qualified Nutrition Coach and Holistic Nutritional Therapist, her personal weight loss struggles and successes along with her experience as both a business owner and previous corporate employee to help amazing women feel their absolute best.

“I created the 30 Day Reset with you in mind- the busy corporate job, the busy social life, the boyfriend, the dog, the weddings, the bills – you’re a busy lady! And sometimes that means that you don’t give yourself enough attention. This programme will help change that and I have worked through it with over 200 people with some amazing results to date.”


Lyda says she’s here to help you realise that healthy eating needn’t be boring, bland or unimaginative.

“This is not about restriction and deprivation in any way. I passionately believe in bringing food back to basics and understanding how to get the maximum nutrition from every tasty mouthful of real food as opposed to calorie counting because it’s NOT just about the weight on the scale. It’s the relationship you now have with your body. It’s the relationship you have with food and movement. It’s the relationship you have with your health. It’s feeling confident in your strength and abilities. It’s about trusting your body and loving it for all that it does for you.”

​She has two programmes on offer at two different levels to suit where you’re at in the process of getting healthy, and you get some amazing resources including a ‘Get Started’ pack with:

  • A full 30+ page guide to nutrition and lifestyle
  • Meal plans
  • Shopping lists
  • Workout plans​ and lots more.

“Throughout the whole process I will support you daily with live online calls, a facebook group, and bite sized emails.”
​ ​

The programme cost is just 50 euro for one month, or, if you want to spread this out a bit longer or try two levels in succession there is an option of 40 euro p/m for two months (80 total).


– You don’t know where to start but you want to do it right
– You are looking to permanently change your lifestyles for the better
– You lead a busy lifestyle and have no time to figure this diet – thing out
– You find you are recently your sugar cravings have reached a new high
– You feel a bit run down, not quite yourself
– You’d like a programme which maximum support from people who can relate to how you feel
– You want something realistic – no calorie cutting, no starvation, no elixirs/tonics/colonics.
– You just want a good kickstart to get yourself back on track
“I can help. I have worked with over 200 people on this programme and the results speak for themselves – 5 kg weight loss, better energy, better skin, better focus, motivation, new PBs in the gym, bodyfat loss. All I ask is for one month of your time and I will help dust off the cobwebs and get you feeling brand new.” – Lyda
– Give your digestive system a much needed break
– Allow your cells the opportunity to naturally detoxify & re balance
– Nourish your cells with primarily plant-based nutrition
– Establish a meaningful connection between your mind & body
– Develop a deeper understanding of how your body functions
– Connect with like-minded members of our community
– Break unhealthy habits & set a positive intention for the upcoming season
– Introduce mindfulness into your routine
– Your ‘Get Started’ pack with ideas for meal prep, food swaps and goal setting.
– A full guide 30+ page all about nutrition, mindfulness and lifestyle
– 4x meal plans
– 4x shopping lists
– Specific Food Lists and Pantry Guide
– A 200+ recipe booklet resource
– Bonus Guides – Troubleshooting, Eating Out, Better Sleep Guide, Food Diary Templates, Fitness Tracking Templates
– Two Live Group Coaching Calls to Hang Out, Chat and Help you get over Any Hurdle
– Periscope Videos and Bite Sized Emails from Lyda truly to keep you on track.
– Lyda’s undivided attention for the duration of the programme to ask any questions you may have.
– An evergreen all-access pass to a private Facebook Group to ask all your questions, meet like minded busy bees and keep motivation levels supercharged!

Find out more on Lyda’s website and social links below.

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