The Power of Asking And Offering

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We’re starting a new initiative that will make it even easier for you to help your fellow GirlCrew members, and to get support from them. Want to update your Photoshop skills? Looking for a babysitter? Have the time to teach someone how to craft their CV? With #Ask / #Offer we can all pool our knowledge and resources – making our community even stronger.

View the Ask & Offer Guidelines | Make an Offer on the GirlCrew app | Make an Evergreen Offer

What is Your Favourite GirlCrew Story?

Mine is the time a member had birthday cupcakes delivered to her boyfriend while she was away. Realising that she was going to miss his special day she posted in her local group looking for help. Immediately members jumped in offering suggestions, and a group headed off to a local bakery to pick up a selection of treats. These were hand-delivered, along with some balloons, to a very surprised man – whose day was made. 

Or remember when another member posted that she was nervous about her very first “real” job interview. The community rushed to her side, helping her pick out outfits, looked over her CV, prepped her for interview questions,and helped settle her nerves. Of course, we were all cheering her on when she came back to say she’d be starting in two weeks.  Or how about the time when a fur baby needed dogsitting while her owner recuperated from surgery?

From the very outset we wanted GirlCrew to make an impact. And we quickly noticed that GirlCrew was more than a social network. It was a community. Doing good and helping others is part of what makes us so special. Members have always stepped in support and help each other. Now we want to take this a step further.

Our #Ask/#Offer initiative is a new way for all of us to support each other. To get help when you need it, and to give back where you can. A space for women to empower each other. To come together without ego, without prejudice; just working together to solve problems.

How Does it Work?

1) Have an ask or an offer? Simply post in the relevant group and use the hashtag #Ask or #Offer as applicable. E.g. “#Offer I’m a marketing manager at my firm, and I’d be happy to show someone how to make amazing Facebook ads. I’m free this Saturday from 11-1pm if you’d like to learn.” or “#Ask I’m looking to make a career move into personal fitness, is there anyone here in the industry that would be free to talk about building a client base”.

2) Have an ask that you’d like to keep anonymous. That’s totally fine. Simply message GirlCrew HQ via the app with the details. Be sure to include which group you’d like this to be posted in.

3) Have an evergreen offer that you’d like to share? For example, would you be free to carpool the same route, or offer mentorship in a specific area. Then simply fill in the form and GirlCrew HQ will connect you with those who match.

There are times in life when we hit roadblocks. These challenges can feel like impossible. Sometimes it can be something practical and instant. You desperately need a lift to work as your car has broken down. Or maybe you have a vision of becoming your own boss – but you don’t know where to begin. Usually, you’d turn to friends or family, but not everyone has that opportunity. So outside help is vital. And sometimes you reach a point in life when it’s your turn to give back. You might not realise it, but you’ve probably hit that point already. There’s definitely some knowledge you have that others would love to know.

Why Are We Doing This?

The why of this is simple. We want to help make the world a bit better. And that starts by helping the people we know and encouraging them to help those around them. It’s a ripple effect that spreads and strengthens as it grows. There is no shame in asking and there is no ego in offering. It’s merely what we should all be doing day to day. We want everyone to feel strengthened by those around them. In a world that can often feel fractured, it’s important to remember that asking for and offering help are not signs of weakness. They are signs of strength. An easy way to stand up for what you believe in. So what are you waiting for head over to the GirlCrew app and see what you can #Ask or #Offer. 

View the Ask & Offer Guidelines | Make an Offer on the GirlCrew app | Make an Evergreen Offer

6 thoughts on “The Power of Asking And Offering”

  1. Now this is a brilliant concept! I loved reading this post and I also really love that there are people out there who step up and help others in need! Whether it’s cupcakes or a job interview outfit, this is very much a pay-it-forward initiative and I love it!

  2. I love this concept! I always try to help out other bloggers as much as I can with their WordPress or Google Analytics questions since I am very knowledgeable on those. I can tell they appreciate it!

  3. WOWSER! Not only is this a great initiative but will also create/expand individual networks to grow their trust circle while learning and growing as a community. This is bound to bring a plethora of success stories that will be life changing for some. Great initiative Girl Crew and I am going to discuss with my team how we can do something similar too! Truly an #INSPIRE movement – Bravo!

  4. I am so loving the spirit and action of this post! We should really help each other out more. It’s great how easy it is to do this online now.

  5. What a great idea! Everyone could definitely use this type of service. I love the this supportive vibe.

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