The GirlCrew Dublin Book Club

It’s always great to look back at the origins of our community and to see how far we’ve come. When chatting to people about GirlCrew we always think of nights out or trips away out but it’s become so much more than that. One story I love, is the work that Claire Moore and her fellow GirlCrew Dublin book club members have done to spread the love of reading beyond just giggles in Dublin’s loveliest cafés. Since, it’s her baby I’ll leave it up to her to tell you about the work they are doing to help the wider community.



GirlCrew Dublin Book Club

“Being new to Girlcrew, I decided to take the plunge and set up a book club in Dublin to meet some new people and motivate myself to get back into reading. An event was posted in Girlcrew and I was overwhelmed with the positive reaction! Over the last 15 months Book Club has gone from strength to strength – with regulars who rarely miss a monthly meet-up, to those that pop along when they can or newbies that come to check it out. Everyone is welcome.

We choose one book per month, and meet in a new venue each time – as we are ladies that like to brunch too. The club is very relaxed and everyone chats to everyone. Generally, the book discussion only lasts 5-10 minutes and then its general chat and laughs that fills the next couple of hours!

This January saw 25 lovely ladies turn up for Book Club brunch, so we decided to give back to our local communities and are aiming to donate 150 books to a local school library later this year. Some members have made financial donations to buy books already, others are asking family and friends to do a clear out and donate books, and some are collecting books from charity shops. At each meeting, we will encourage those attending to bring along one or two children’s books to help reach this target.”

If you have books to donate or would like to make a contribution, pop Claire Moore in the Dublin group a message and she’ll give your books a lovely new home. As she says, “I cannot convey how much fun our book club brunches are and if you are thinking about setting one up – just do it!”

We’ve also seen book clubs in crews running really successfully in our Toronto Group, the Cork one even made it onto the telly, and they seems to be springing up as regular events in more and more of our cities. If it’s the boost you need to start reading, or sounds like just your cup of tea for a first or regular GirlCrew event, post in your group to see if there’s one going already or if some of the other girls would be into getting one going too. And feel free to email us on your book reviews/suggestions to share with the other groups if you find a real gem.





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