The Fear Sunday #4: 11 Lovely Life Lessons Learned from ‘Kids’ Films



A short and sweet little post because at the moment, every day feels like Sunday! I had no idea what day it was until yesterday when i made myself check.

After watching a few ‘kids’ films over the holidays I started mulling over the little lessons they teach us, often in a totally heartbreaking way. They’re light like a rom com but potent like some indie thing. What more could you ask for in a film? To check if it was just me that felt like this, I asked the crew for their life lessons learned from children’s movies. I am not alone. So here are some lovely learnings and also film suggestions for your evening if you either haven’t seen these, or haven’t seen them in a while. Leave those PJs on for another day.

11 Kid’s Films to cheer you up

1. The Goonies! Chuck and Sloth becoming friends. See beyond the surface, everyone has a heart.

2. Lilo and Stich. Everything about Ohana. Family is everything!

3. UP. Don’t put your dreams on hold or shelve them for another day!

4. Beauty and the Beast. It’s not all about looks.

5. Brave, Frozen and Labyrinth. Be like Ana and Merida and Jennifer Connolly – know what you want and dont stop until you get it. You also don’t need a man to save you, you can do it on your own.

6. Tangled. It’s totally acceptable to find your own family, it doesn’t have to be those you know.

7. Kung Fu Panda. You’re capable of anything if you believe in yourself.

8. Hook. Don’t let life get in the way of enjoying your loved ones and your family. Don’t let your responsibilities cage your inner child. Be true to yourself.

9. Frozen. Love conquers fear! Simples!

10. Frozen. True love is in all different forms, you don’t need a man and sometimes people aren’t what you think.

11. Monsters University. You have to learn things for yourself for them to stick. And you may not know your unique strengths but it doesn’t mean you don’t have them.


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