The Fear Sunday #2: Christmas is the Hardest

Big problems and small problems are there every day, Christmas is no different. It can be hard to look around and see everyone celebrating when you are struggling, but remember GirlCrew has got your back!

The Fear Sunday #2: Christmas is the Hardest

Christmas is wonderful and joyous and lovely.

It’s all celebrations, lights, nice food and get together’s surrounded by people we love or time to hide away quietly for a few days. However, my feeling is that it’s also one of the hardest times of year. Nothing highlights or intensifies difficult situations or feelings quite like a global-scale celebration that lasts for probably more than a month in which it looks like everyone else is having the time of their lives.

In terms of our families, nothing intensifies any issues there more than spending more time with them that usual and in what can feel a little bit like a confined space, at least for 24 hours and with the added pressure of that everything is supposed to be wonderful and lovely and perfect an every other family is having the best day of the year and love each other the MOST and have zero flaws or problems.

Big problems and small problems are there every day, Christmas is no different.

For this episode of The Fear Sunday, I wanted to ask the girls for tips on how they handle the difficult bits of Christmas. Before I had put the question to the group, the post below appeared. Over 40 comments of love and support and thank yous for sharing both her story and the poem flooded it. I felt like it was everything this post needed. I asked if I could share it here and she agreed.

Thank you for that you lovely, lovely, soul.

Have a sad and a happy Christmas, because both of those things are OK. x

Feeling compelled to share this. On New Year’s Day 4 years ago, my Dad passed away. From that bastard disease, cancer. This is a very difficult time of year (as it is for all those of you who have lost someone) I was talking to a friend about not looking forward to Christmas, and they sent me this. In floods of tears. It’s so powerful and so true. Here’s to life.  (Sorry for the outpouring of emotion.)

We are all dying,
our lives always moving toward completion.

We need to learn to live with death,
and to understand that death is not the worst of all events.

We need to fear not death, but life—empty lives, loveless lives

lives that do not build
upon the gifts that each of us has been given, lives that are like living deaths,
lives which we never take the time
to savor and appreciate,
lives in which we never pause to breathe deeply.

What we need to fear is not death,
but squandering the lives we have been miraculously given.

So let me die laughing, savoring one of life’s crazy moments. Let me die holding the hand of one I love, and recalling that I tried to love and was loved in return. Let me die remembering that life has been good, and that I did what I could.

But today, just remind me that I am dying so that I can live, savor, and love with all my heart.


 – Let Me Die Laughing, by Mark Morrison Reed.


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