The #1 Secret To Happy And Lasting Relationships, Guest Blog Post by Gizane Aparicio

Recently, during a session with one of my coaching clients, I must have said something that really hit home.  Her eyes quickly filled up. She lost it. Things hadn’t been so good between her and her partner.

“What’s the problem?” I asked.

“The problem is the kitchen is always mess”, she says “He absolutely hates that. But I just can’t…”

“Bullshit,” I couldn’t help myself,  “What do you think he wants more than anything? What do you think he wants more than anything? He wants you to be Happy. He wants the girl he fell in love with back.”

As I said these words, she started to properly cry. She knew I was right. She wasn’t happy. She wasn’t happy with herself. Her self-esteem was at rock bottom, and this was the real reason her relationship was in tatters, not the messy kitchen. So we worked on that; on increasing her love for herself.

Just think about all the things you do to show the people in your life that you love them.

You kiss ‘em, hug ‘em, spend time with them, treat them, do special things for them, buy them gifts, be kind to them…How much of that do you do for yourself? And how often? Because there lies the key.

The secret to a happy and lasting relationship lies within you. The happier you are the happier your partner will be. Your partner, your parents, your friends, your boss… whoever.

Happiness is contagious but it’s also super sexy. It’s also the number one attraction factor for men. Fact.

I know this because a few years ago, I ran a seminar where I asked a bunch of men: what’s the number I thing that attracts you to a woman? They all agreed, nothing is more attractive than a woman who is happy with herself.

You can spot her a mile away.

And if you want your relationship to be the way it used to be, do what you used to do at the beginning. Be happy like you used to be. Love yourself like you used to to bring yourself to that place of happiness. Treat him, her or them, like you used to. You will be loved back a million fold – either by that person, or someone else.

Guest blog post by Gizanne Aparicio. Follow her on Facebook, Find her blog here, and check back tomorrow for our Meet the GirlCrewer interview with Gizanne.

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