San Francisco

Free Museums San Francisco

Woman wearing a hat with her back to the camera, looking at artwork
San Francisco has so many places to go and see. But some can cost you a pretty penny. Luckily, a lot of museums are totally free or have free entry days.

Pier 39 San Francisco

seal poking its head through wooden fence
San Franciso has such a good vibe and energy about it. Why not check out Pier 39? There are lots of things to do from places to eat, the Aquarium or the famous sea lions who have taken over k-dock.

Job Fairs in San Francisco

woman stands in front of blackboard with brightly coloured post-its
Are you in San Francisco and need a job or are looking to make a switch in your career? See all the job fairs happening near you soon and get started on your best life today!

LA to San Francisco Road Trip

LA to San Francisco Road Trip
Los Angeles is one of my favorite cities, but there is so much to do in San Francisco. Drive along the coast with your GirlCrew and see all the best stops from SoCal to NorCal on this coastal road trip.

Hiking in San Francisco

Hiking in San Francisco
To some, the idea of hiking can be daunting. You're outside for hours, sweating and hungry. Sure, that may seem horrible. However, I truly believe that hiking is the best way to workout and spend a free weekend.