Staying friends with your BFF on holiday

Travelling with your best friend can be one of the best experiences of your life, but how do you avoid it all going wrong? Don’t have your dream holiday ruined by fighting. Take our advice and have the holiday of a lifetime with your bestie!

Stay friends on holiday

How to stay friends with your best friend on holiday

Realise you have different personalities

You may think your bestie is like your soul mate, but chances are you do have different personalities with different interests. Your ideal holiday may be laying by the pool, reading a trashy chick lit while sipping mojitos and working on your tan. However, your BFF might want to explore the nearest city, walking for hours in museums and through the streets.

Before you book the holiday* discuss what it is you both want from this trip. Can you compromise and spend some days by the pool and other days walking amongst the locals in the nearest city? If you are both upfront about what is important for you on this holiday, it should help you avoid arguments when you are over there.

Also be honest about your energy levels. If you friend wants to go hiking up a hill but you get winded just going up the stairs at work, communicate this. Otherwise, you could find yourself on a hike that you hate, ruining the experience for yourself and your BFF. If this holiday is about you recharging, make that clear before you board the plane.

Have a chat about money

Nobody likes to talk about money – but when you are travelling with someone, you need to be on a similar budget. If you want to stay in a five-star hotel and eat out in a fancy restaurant for every meal but your friend prefers hostels and eating from local street food vendors, you are probably not operating with the same budget in mind. It’s going to make your holiday far more enjoyable if you know roughly how much you can both spend each day. There is nothing worse than blowing your budget within the first week of a two week holiday!

We all have annoying quirks

You might think that you know your bestie better than anyone else. But if you have never spent a prolonged amount of time with them in a small space – such as a hotel room, you may find that they can have incredibly annoying habits. It might take them 3 hours to get ready to go out, they may snore like a beast, their dirty clothes may end up all over the floor or they might constantly forget to lock the room when they leave. Before you let resentment and annoyance bubble up within you that will eventually lead to a major argument, take a breath and realise that you also have annoying quirks. Don’t let your holiday be ruined by small annoyances.

Nobody likes to be a third-wheel

Holiday romances and flings can make it a holiday to remember, but be careful not to alienate your BFF. If the two of you are on holiday and suddenly you are all eyes on the local barman, your best friend is going to feel like that are about to be dumped! Talk with your bestie before the holiday about what to do if either of you meets someone. You can’t leave your friend behind in the bar all alone while you fall under the charm of this Adonis. Also, it’s not fair to bring him back to your room so your BFF can listen to you guys all night. Remember your best friend is a friend for life! Do you really want to risk losing them over some guy at the bar?

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So have you managed to travel with your best friend and not fight? What’s your secret? Tell us in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “Staying friends with your BFF on holiday”

  1. I love this post. We have to face the reality.. holiday vacation might be the reason why you and your BFF will fight.

  2. These are great tips! I think they apply to families as well. The last time we visited Manhattan with my three levels my husband had us on a crazy intense schedule and I thought I was going to lose my mind, lol!

  3. Perfect post .Infact it can be modified for any group travel.Budget needs to be same!I just saved myself a lot of headache .

  4. Ah, ah, if I had an euro for every time someone warned me that travelling with a friend is the fastest way to end a friendship, I would be writing this blog post from Sydney ! However, this is definitely not a reason not to travel together 🙂 I fully agree with the money Chat. It will be hard if one of you is squeezing the most out of every dollar/euro/rupee, if the other has cash to burn. You can make it easier by sitting down before you travel and talking about how much you each have in your budget per day, and what types of experiences you’re after.

  5. Love this! My BFF and I have been to 7 European countries together and Scotland. We are leaving in 3 weeks to go to Hawaii – and we are just so similar – there is never any guessing.

  6. These tips will certainly make the trips with your best friend much more enjoying. It can be uncomfortable, but I know the trip will be more enjoyable for all. I love this!

  7. Whether you travel with a pal, partner or group , One must discuss what each wants from the trip. I had to do this recently for My Blog -Three Seniors Travelling Together by air,ship, car & train.
    Yes, the trip was successful.

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