Our Social Media Ad Terminology

If you would like to contact us about marketing opportunities for your business or clients, please contact info@girlcrew.com

The terms below are listed to help you distinguish between what we’ve been paid to highlight, and what’s just stuff we love or efforts we’ve appreciated. These are used within our Facebook Groups, Blog, Newsletter and other social media channels. When it comes to Twitter these will be marked provided we can fit it into character length! However, we will prioritise always including at the very least #Sp/#Ad if that is the case.


GirlCrew has been paid a set fee to highlight a business, its services or products. This may occur within our groups, our social media channels, blog, newsletter and events. On the blog, these will be under the Sponsored category as opposed to marked with a hashtag.


GirlCrew will receive a set percentage of sales made that were seen to come through our promotion of a business/event/class/workshop/product etc.


This is a business we love and want to support. Sometimes these are members we want to give a boost to, or brands that we just genuinely really like. Benefits may at times be mutual, but are not directly, financially benefitting us.


Sometimes, if we get treats or gifts, we like to share it and say thanks. Especially if we really love it or think it’s cool or interesting.


If we’re just showing thanks for a business that has been/is being really helpful or thoughtful, we’ll use this. Sometimes a business will just be wonderful to us, in trying to sort bookings and catering to group sizes etc and we really appreciate that. This may also be used if we have been given a group discount.


These terms are correct and applicable to posts dated after 24/05/2017, and are subject to change.