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Want your social life arranged for you? With GirlCrew Premium membership you can avail of weekly, hosted events with everything planned and booked ahead of time, discounts for women-led businesses and maybe even make a few new friends or great connections along the way. And to top it off, $1 of your subscription each month goes to Techtonica to help bridge the diversity gap.

GirlCrew Premium launches in San Francisco 1 July 2018, so if you’re signing up early, we’ll automatically add the extra days to your account if you ever decide to cancel.

GirlCrew Premium launches in San Francisco 1 July 2018, so if you’re signing up early, we’ll automatically add the extra days to your account if you ever decide to cancel.

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What is GirlCrew Premium?

The GirlCrew app is free, but with Premium, you get that little bit extra.

★ Social & Professional

  • Expand your personal network to make new friends
  • Expand your professional network by socializing with a group not limited to any single industry or career type!
  • Attend GirlCrew hosted events – or post your own at any time to see who’s down.

★ 4 Hosted Events Per Month

  • We guarantee 4 events a month, with invites going out 4-8 weeks in advance so you can plan ahead easily.
  • Variety – from active hikes and kayaking, to weekends away, dinners, brunches, drinks and culture.
  • Varying price points for events – from free to budget to luxury.
  • A member of the GirlCrew team will always be there to host, and you’ll always have their phone number in advance.

★ Emails & Calendar Invites in Advance

  • Weekly calendar invites
  • Weekly email reminder about that week’s event
  • At a glance upcoming events included in weekly email

★ Private Facebook & Whatsapp Groups 

You’ll be added to our Premium San Francisco Facebook and Whatsapp groups if you wish to be. Your Premium events will be listed here but you can post your own event ideas for in between official ones too.

★ Treats

We’ve secured discounts to a variety of online businesses for you to avail of – all women-led.

★ Supporting Techtonica to Help Bridge the Diversity Gap

Every month, $1 dollar of your subscription goes to Techtonica. Techtonica provide free tech training, living stipends, childcare costs and job placements to women and non-binary, feminine-adjacent adults in need in the Bay Area. They cover everything from software development to project management,  UI/UX design and more.

“Our apprentices are local, women and non-binary, feminine-adjacent adults with low incomes, preventing more displacement and empowering the people who really need tech skills.
75% of our participants so far have been people of color.”

It’s also founded and run by fellow GirlCrew member Michelle Glauser. Find out more about their incredible work at

GirlCrew Premium, The Story So Far…

Weekend Away

GirlCrew Premium has been running in Dublin for over a year, here’s just a few of the things we got up to!

  • Weekends away
  • Jo Malone Perfume Workshop & Samples
  • Games Night with Free Food provided by Just Eat
  • Sailing Dublin Bay on a Luxury Yacht
  • Brunches, Dinners, Tapas and Wine and Cheese evenings
  • Croke Park Skyline Tour
  • Gaming Night in Token
  • The Races at the Curragh
  • The biggest picnic you’ve ever seen at the top of The Sugar Loaf
  • Karaoke, hikes, cinema trips, burritos, coffees, museum visits, comedy and so much more

Members have loved the variety of events, the guarantee of one a week, that they know what events are coming up ahead of time, and that they always have a reliable and friendly point of contact.

What are you waiting for? Sign Up Today & Check Out the First 4 Events!

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Requirements, Terms & Conditions

GirlCrew Premium is not currently available on the GirlCrew app, and will be run via email, calendar invites and a private Facebook group.

Please allow 72 hours for your sign up to be processed. Within 72 hours you’ll be provided with a welcome email, group invite, calendar subscription invite and details of upcoming events. After this time, calendar invites, email updates etc go out weekly.

If you haven’t received any of the above after 72 hours please contact

You must be 18 years or older to join GirlCrew Premium.

Standard GirlCrew Guidelines apply within premium groups and events.

Your subscription does not include tickets, food, coffees, drinks etc.

Subscription fee covers admin time in organising, booking, hosting and more.

Your subscription is inclusive of VAT and is non-refundable.

Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled by emailing Please allow 72 hours for your cancellation to be processed.

To change your email address for email communication, please contact

Payments are processed via a third party integration.