Save Your Pennies for the Party! The Perfect Festive Make-Up Look on a Budget

My name is Jules and I am a huge lover of all things make-up and beauty related. My sister nicknamed me “Queen of Lotions & Potions” many years ago and I have to admit, I can see why! My bedroom has endless baskets, bags and boxes stuffed to the brim with sinful quantities of lipsticks, foundations, eye liners and mascaras which I never quite manage to find a way to store properly! Luckily, I live alone so nobody is here to complain that my products not only take up a LOT of bedroom space but also inevitably overflow to my bathroom. And sometimes the living room. Not to mention my writing desk! Oh dear.

When I was younger and mortgage-free, I had a lot of dispensable income with which to indulge my passion for products. However, things really changed a few years ago, but in time, I adjusted to my new reality. Despite my initial dread of giving up my beloved Lancome mascaras and YSL concealer, living on a tight budget meant my love of luxury beauty products had to be largely put to bed. I found myself still using beauty/retail therapy for a happiness hit –there is nothing like a new lippie in the perfect shade of feel-fabulous red to make me smile – but I was now buying nothing high end. All my new treats were budget friendly. I realised not only did budget buys still give me the giddy “I love new things” feeling in the same way  that their more expensive cousins used to, but the quality was fantastic and I found myself relishing that I could enjoy budget beauty as much, if not more. In recent years I have almost exclusively focussed on cheaper products and to be honest I cannot remember the last time I spent more than €20 on any item of make-up. The thing is, with so many ranges on the market today, I honestly feel you really can find a budget option for almost any make-up requirement. Whether you are a girl who likes the “no make-up” make-up look or you are a full on glamour queen, there are great products out there to help you look, and vitally feel, your best.

Perfect Christmas Make Up on a Budget

And Taking You Perfectly into 2016


With Christmas approaching fast, the need for fabulous make-up looks I can apply quickly is more crucial than ever. I adore the festive season’s endless nights out but many involve a last minute dash to get ready at my desk. I need a quick look I can trust to make me more classy than clown and am guessing many of you are the same. So I wanted to give a quick overview of a post-work-festive-drinks look that takes little time but looks fab!

I keep it simple with a glowy base, pops of colour on cheeks and lips and voluminous lashes. This look never fails and lets me feel “done” enough.

1. To start, I pop a little Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer (€6.99) under my eyes. Less is more here, otherwise I end up with product creased in my wrinkles which is not a good look for anybody!

2. Rimmel is my go to base also, namely, Match Perfection (€9.99). I absolutely love the light look this gives while still covering my blotches nicely.

3. I am so pale I have an unfortunate tendency to look like a corpse, so brightening up using NYC Colour Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in Pink Cheek Glow (€5.99) is vital. It literally lifts my face from “dead” to “alive and kicking” without veering into “one too many glasses of Merlot” territory.

4. Big and luscious lashes are my go-to look, whatever the occasion, and Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express (€11.99) does a fantastic job for this. For this simple look, I follow with just a filler for my brows like Catrice Eyebrow Filler Perfecting & Shaping Gel (€3.99). Girls, if you do not already do it, trust me filling in your brows makes such a difference – I feel nude without it these days!

5. Before running out the door I finish with a nice strong lippie. Special mention here has to go to the new Essence Merry Berry range. I picked up 02 Pink & Perfect lipstick for just €2.49 last week and have to say it has really impressed me. The colour is more berry than pink on me and manages good opaque coverage yet doesn’t dry out my lips (dry lips are an ongoing battle of mine!) and lasts very well for the price.
Girls, I hope this gives you some inspiration and helps you see you can easily give yourself a quick make-up look which flatters in the festive lights, even when money is tight!



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