Review: Voya’s New Angelicus Serratus Body Oil – Emilia Zagrean

What a way to finish up a day of lectures! 

Review: Voya’s New Angelicus Serratus Body Oil

By Emilia Zagrean aka ‘Emi’
Nationality – GirlCrew Citizen

Voya have just launched the world’s first genuinely organic seaweed oil. Certified by the Soil Association, it takes its name from its primary ingredient – ‘Angelicus Serratus’, one of the most mineral-rich strands of seaweed . The oil is enhanced with anti-oxidant rosehip and evening primrose oil. We sent Emilia off for a treat at the Dawson Spa to check it out.


Dear ladies,

I am no Roisin Ingle but courtesy of Miss Elva Carri I had a free full body massage in Dawson Spa in Dublin. So, if you are a lover of the social scene you should know that the Dawosn Spa is located between the Dawson Brasserie and the 37 Dawson Bar. Also if it helps across the street is the historically famous Dublin Mansion.

The Spa is located deep within the Dawson Hotel, away from the city noise. Dalila, was there on behalf of Voya to tell me about their new body oil. She was very lovely and explained what exactly will happen to me. Soon after I met the masseur who gave me a Voyager full body massage. It is retailed at €95 for one hour and half. It involves some body scrubbing too! I was given snowy white slippers and a dressing gown and headed in to my massage therapist.

The massage was lovely and the lady that attended to me was very nice. I will go back next time and try a sports massage as I still carry tag rugby injuries.

Once the massage was finished, I was handed a glass of water and a Voya Tea. Voya are based in Sligo and well as creating gorgeous products, they offer seaweed bath and bags of seaweed that you can take home. I also heard from other people that when you go to their base in Sligo, once you are given a seaweed bath you are strongly encouraged to take a bath in the sea so to benefit fully of being “seaweeded”.

Trying to make my way back to the real world was the only difficult bit. I first stumbled to what I can only call a cul de sac of hotel rooms and opened a door which was for storing towels and so on which obviously was not the exit. The best way to get back to the outside world is to go left once you are out of the spa and then trough the big doors and then walk on the corridor and then lady like walk your way down to the first floor. Alternatively you might take the elevator because I think there was one!

All I can say is that you should make the time to pamper yourself and keep in mind, Dawson Spa also have deals that make it possible to be in the same room with your friend. Which I should consider myself for my bestie once she is back in Ireland. And if you want to find some friends to spend a whole day there with or take a trip to the seaweed baths in Sligo with, come join us in GirlCrew ; )


Emilia x

And a note from Elva: “Also tried out the oil and my skin was noticeably softer the following day. For me to notice that is pretty significant! I’ve tried it at home since and I definitely think their exfoliating the skin as part of the massage was an element of the magic. And you can find more info on what a lovely company Voya are here.

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