Record Store Day

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When was the last time you went to a record store? Seriously. I’m mad into music but I actually can’t remember the last time I ventured into one and that’s nothing to do with having a bad memory. Online shopping and streaming make it so easy to skip this part of the process that genuinely used to give me so much joy.

Record Store Day is today. It started in the States eight years ago with the UK and the rest of the world soon following suit. It’s like Christmas Day for record shops basically. It’s great to have one day a year specially dedicated to the pursuit of supporting your local shop, with limited vinyl and CD releases available on the day, but it’s so important to keep going, buying and enjoying all year round. Note to self.

Dublin: Tower Records on Dawson Street have a whole weekender planned of live acts including Mundy and SPIES with 300 limited edition RSD titles available. They open at 8am with queues starting at 7. Word on the street is that there will be free espresso for the early birds. Have to give a special mention to their social media team for putting a naysayer in their place regarding their vinyl department.

The Record Spot on Fade Street is having a huge sale and bands playing all day long. If you have records to flog (don’t do it! Sorry), they will give you cold hard cash for your wax. As a former surly record shop employee, it might be best to save this for another day though.

On Sunday, Vinyl & Wine will be playing Marvin Gaye’s wonderful What’s Going On on vinyl in the Dean Hotel on Harcourt Street. There will also be, I’m assuming, wine plus giveaways, a panel discussion and a playback of a new Irish album which I think we can safely assume it’s not going to be U2. Tickets are free and went very quickly (I hate reading that as much as you do) but check the facebook event page for people who may have decided they have better things to do.

London: Soho Radio on Great Windmill Street will have DJ sets and live performances from the likes of DJ Yoda and the brilliant 2 Bears. If you get there for 10am, [Note from elva: I’ve now left it too late posting this for that to be possible unless you have a time machine, apologies], Pete Paphides will be on hand to talk about and play your prized purchases.

Manchester: Eastern Bloc Records on Stephenson Square specialises in house, techno, dub and reggae. In their former home on Oldham Street, they were at the centre of the Madchester scene in the late 80s. They will be hosting an event in store and also at the Blue Pig on High Street with sets from the Mouse Outfit and Matthew Halsall.

New York: Rough Trade has pulled out all the stops to play host to not only a free live show from Dresden Dolls but also signings by the Buzzcocks and Kim Gordon. We are not worthy.

Have a gander at for all the shops taking part and events taking place. There are so many taking place, I couldn’t even begin to choose any more to feature and don’t get me started on all the special releases.

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