Quick Styling & Great Hair Care – Advice From the Experts

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Hair stylists Dublin

This week we enjoyed a great live video session with Style Club, showing us exactly how to do the perfect ponytail – for those mornings you’re in a hurry but still want your tresses looking fresh. 

If you missed it never fear, you can check it out right here! Unfortunately, due to some hairdryers there is some noise interference at the start -skip to about 1:43 to avoid the worst of it. And don’t forget to turn on the sound after you hit play. Who said “showbiz”, wasn’t glamorous!  If there were any product names you didn’t catch, Emily Bolger has kindly listed them for us below too.

If you make it in by Saturday 30th September, you’ll also save 20% when you buy two or more products. See their Facebook page for more info.

Dublin stylists

Casey & Emily of Style Club Dublin

Best Hair Care

Emily advises that great styling starts in the shower – your choice of shampoo and conditioner have a big impact. Looking after your hair with the right shampoo and conditioner will make it easier to style, as well as keeping it in better condition overall. She recommends Pureology Smooth Perfection Shampoo and Conditioner. It provides some antifrizz action and has heat and colour protecting ingredients all built in – and all natural.

Best Dry Shampoo

Nioxin Dry Cleanser

We all know how useful dry shampoo can be when you’re stuck for time, but many of them can leave a residue that you can either feel, or in some cases, and if you use too much, that you can see. We only want that grey look when we’ve decided to go for grey right? So Emily suggests Nioxin’s Instant Fullness. It leaves no white residue, absorbs oil, and adds volume.

Heat Protection

Heat protect hair reviews

Emily recommends Redken Styling’s Iron Shape . Not only will it help protect against heat damage but also helps with holding your style.

Best Hair Spray

stylist recommended hair products

Triple Take Hair Spray Mega Hold. It feels light and also provides colour protection and antifrizz. We love a product that can mutli-task! It’s also got a multi-directional spray – meaning it’s not going to spray one direct line of hair spray, leaving some strands clumped or sticky. It’s cleverly designed nozzle helps spread across a wider surface area giving you a more even, more professional hold.

Best Product for Curly Hair

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Redken’s NBD – which stands for ‘no blow dry’ is a great product for naturally curly hair. It’s perfect to mould and define curls and there are variations for your hair type – fine hair, coarse hair and medium hair. It also provides antifrizz and even helps your hair dry faster!

Best Product for Texture

best hair texture spray

If you want to get a beachy, textured effect with hold, Emily recommends Kerestase’s Spray a Porter. It’s salt-free and creates hold and texture through hair.
Watch the live video to see how Emily uses the products here.

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  1. I have noticed that I get more compliments when I have pretty hair and rosy cheeks than a great outfit so I spend more money on hair product. I used to have nice hair but ever since my pregnancy I have lost a lot if it and the shine. So these tips and hair products are worth a try!

  2. Great hair care brands you’ve posted, I would love to go in something for my frizzy hair these days. Also, I was looking for a dry shampoo, guess shall look at your option:)

  3. Thanks for sharing these tips. I will check these hair products, hope they are available in our nearest hair beauty store.

  4. They say that hair is our crowning glory and indeed it is the frame of our faces. Taking care of our hair is a must so good to know that these hair care products are available to assist us of taking good care of our hairs.

  5. No matter what I wear, if my hair is a mess, nothing looks right! So I try to take care of my hair as much as I can, and the tips included in this post are so helpful so I can care for my hair correctly!

  6. I love some of these brands. I try to use the salon products when I can. I love the hints they gave for taking better care of our precious hair.

  7. Happy to go through the post. Wonderful tips regarding the hair care. Thank for sharing the details about all the brand items for the genuine care.

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