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Most importantly –  you help us keep a women-led social network growing and improving!

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Where does the money go?

The GirlCrew app costs about €1600 per month to just exist! This cost is for things like servers, push notification service, image hosting services and a few other bits and pieces. So even if we have no staff, and do no more work to improve the app, or market it to help it grow in other cities (making it more valuable and useful to anyone living in places where group numbers are smaller), it costs us money.

What other ways does GirlCrew make money?

Our Premium account option (available in Dublin only) covers about half the cost mentioned above. We reluctantly added ads to the app, but these only bring in about €20 a month as we don’t have a huge amount of traffic. We recently introduced Business accounts too, at the moment that brings in about €100 a month. We run events when we can, but as they have costs to run, and don’t have a significant profit margin, these haven’t proved a consistent or sustainable option – we have relied on the generosity of speakers speaking free of charge, and venues giving us free spaces. But between time spent organising and hosting and marketing on social media, the cost of staff time alone often ads up to as much as the event makes.

What about partnerships or sponsorships?

These have been great for us and we’re always looking for new opportunities. The reality is that many influencers have bigger traffic and bigger audiences than us, for the same target market so we do have some great competition. And we think those people are doing amazing work and salute them for it.

And what about the investment GirlCrew got?

Our investment enabled us to plan, build and market the app. We paid our own staff, contract staff, development agencies, a design agency and PR companies, and had to pay lawyers, accountants, and our office rent. We always got great rates, and spent very conservatively for a tech company, so we feel like we did amazing with what we were given, and almost everyone we’ve worked with has absolutely given it their all and we’re so grateful. But we’ve never grown to the millions of members we expected to reach, so that makes monetisation, partnerships and sponsorships etc harder too.

Can’t you reduce some costs?

For sure, at the moment we’ve hugely reduced our team size, stopped focusing on marketing or advertising and have instead just focused on improving the app itself. We’re also working on new ways for the GirlCrew brand to bring in some cash monies in a totally new way. But one cost we’ll never be able to reduce while having the app, is the approx €1600 per month for it just to exist as is.

So why not just quit and close it all down?

Honestly, we might have to, and it’s not far off. We would be so sad to put an end to the amazing friendships, support, opportunities, laughs and adventures we see happen through the app every day, so we thought we’d offer our community the chance to really claim this as their own and keep it going. In a world where most of the big tech companies are built and run by men, the last thing we want to do is bow out entirely.

Can I give more?

Wow, yes, if you want to. You can check out our other options to donate here.

Do I have to be a member of the app to help support it?

No, you can pay for a Supporter subscription or a choose a donation option even if you’re not a member. As a member of the app, you’ll get the extra features mentioned above, as a non-member, you’ll get our absolute adoration and appreciation!

*The one exception to this is our Premium Facebook groups which is reserved only for Premium members.