GirlCrew Community Groups


The Freedom to Add a New GirlCrew Group!

  • Add a group for a more niche interest – such as Kayaking, or Salsa Dancing.
  • Or add a group for a more local area or region not on the app – such as Dublin 7, or New Haven.
  • Or do a combo – such as Dublin Hikers, or San Francisco cyclists.
  • We’ll announce each new group on our Twitter and Instagram stories within a month to help you spread the word.
  • Group buyers will also be upgraded to Supporter accounts at no extra cost, to enable you to include a clickable link in your bio, an ad-free experience, and extra notification and newsfeed settings.
  • Your group will be listed alongside current groups, under the Discover tab.
  • Include the name you’d like for your group in Additional Information/Order Notes section on the last page of Checkout. Names must be 25 characters or less.
  • Groups go live up to 72 hours after ordering, but we do our best to create them ASAP during business hours (GMT). We’ll email you or message you on the GirlCrew app as soon as the group is live 🙂



  • Groups must abide by GirlCrew Community Guidelines – you may not purchase a group with a business name, or promote a business/profit from the group. If you would like to purchase a group to promote a business, contact We’d love to set this up for you, but business rates will apply.
  • Paid-for groups are managed and monitored by the GirlCrew team. Group owners cannot remove members but you can report behaviour that doesn’t meet our guidelines. We aim to action any reports as quickly as we can across the entire app, but at times the app is unmonitored so we appreciate your patience with us as a small business.