GirlCrew Beta Small Business Account

10.00 / month

Allows you to:

  • Create an account with a business name and username: Eg. Urban Florist, @UrbanFlorist. You are entitled to change your account as it currently is, or create a new account for this purpose. You can continue to use a personal name if you prefer.
  • Post 4 promotional posts or events per month.*
  • Events and posts can be for paid products or activities, free trials or discounts
  • Eligible for inclusion in our Premium discounts directory if Dublin based or online**
  • Priority support from the GirlCrew team
  • Option to include a link on your GirlCrew Profile (Available from Late February 2019)


*The 4 posts/events can cover posting the same post to 4 groups, eg “Book Now & Get a Discount at my salon” posted to Dublin, Meath, Dublin 40+ and Fashion and Beauty. Or 4 different posts or events to the same group. You can do a combination of posts and events. The GirlCrew team currently moderate this manually so promotion exceeding the limit will be hidden. You will receive a comment to let you know if this is the case. 

** Contact for further details

To cancel your business account at any time, visit

As this option is currently in Beta, we appreciate all feedback very much – positive or negative. As thanks, you will be entitled to this account type as it evolves further at the same rate for as long as the service is live.

Your direct contact for any queries is