Our GirlCrew Community Ambassadors of the Summer!

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All of our Community Ambassadors at GirlCrew are so awesome. From creating events on the GirlCrew app to helping people who are nervous about meeting new people for the first time, Community Ambassadors go that extra mile every time. Here at GirlCrew HQ, we want to highlight some of our fantastic Community Ambassadors. So we are officially announcing GirlCrew Community Ambassadors of the Summer! Congratulations – Linzi Bremner and Karen Jewell from our Aberdeen crew in Scotland. You two are killing it. Want to join in the fun? Download the GirlCrew app and follow Aberdeen.

Aberdeen is Awesome

Photo via @hellsbellsmo

Aberdeen is Scotland’s third most populous city and has a population of over 200,000 people. While it’s not as big as some of the other cities the GirlCrew app is in, they have always been one of our buzziest, most fun and most active groups. This has always been in large part due to the enthusiastic community managers planning fun stuff and being so friendly in encouraging others to come along, or post their own event ideas too.

There is so much to do in Aberdeen too 263 castles to visit, 55 golf courses and even ski centres. Linzi and Karen have helped members become like tourists in their own city, exploring places they might never have thought to visit, and activities they might never have tried out. A whopping big thank you Linzi and Karen for this. But you don’t have to wait for them to plan it for you either – on the GirlCrew app, anyone can post an event, and we reckon it would be awesome for them to get to attend something they didn’t plan too!

Linzi Bremner

Linzi heard about GirlCrew through another girl she was speaking to before she moved to Aberdeen.

We actually met at my first event which I organised and are still good friends. Without GirlCrew I think I would be lost if I’m honest. I’ve made so many good friends through it and it’s really great to know that if I’m at a loose end I can just post up an event idea and others will want to do it too.”

She told us that she wanted to be a Community Ambassador because GirlCrew’s been such a gift to her in making friends and connecting with people. That she wanted to help ensure others have the same great experience. We think she is absolutely nailing this and couldn’t be more grateful for what we know she’s brought to others.

Follow Linzi on the GirlCrew app here.

Karen Jewell

Karen Jewell, Aberdeen

Karen is a fairly recent addition to our Community Ambassador programme and has taken to it like a fish to water! As well as organising GirlCrew get togethers around Aberdeen and checking in with members on how they’re doing, she’s also just graduated from a BA in Business Management. How does she fit it all in? We have no idea!

Karen has always been so positive and lovely about GirlCrew. She has organised everything from trampolining to walks in the park and mini golf! Lots of outdoor activities, and it just goes to show how energetic Karen is and why she is a great Community Ambassador.

Follow Karen on the GirlCrew app here.

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18 thoughts on “Our GirlCrew Community Ambassadors of the Summer!”

  1. I have never been in Europe and I would love to visit that place. Your group is really interesting and It is so nice to organize this kind of cool event and it looks everyone really enjoying that day.

  2. How fun! Looks like a great team! Scotland is on our bucket list, we’d love to include Aberdeen.

  3. This is my first time reading about GIrlCrew and what a fantastic concept. I’ll be sure to download the app before I head out on my travels later this year.

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