Our GirlCrew Community Ambassador of the Autumn!

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All of our Community Ambassadors at GirlCrew are so awesome. From creating events on the GirlCrew app to helping people who are nervous about meeting new people for the first time, Community Ambassadors go that extra mile every time. Here at GirlCrew HQ, we want to highlight some of our fantastic Community Ambassadors. So we are officially announcing GirlCrew Community Ambassador of the Autumn! Congratulations – Susanne Hayden from our Kildare crew. Want to join in the fun? Download the GirlCrew app and follow Kildare.

Kildare is Kick Ass!

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photo via Linda Hayden

Kildare is one of the most popular groups on the GirlCrew app. There are always so many events from cinema trips, weekends away and Christmas nights out! Kildare itself has so much to do. Maynooth is a great town, popular with students but also has lots of great restaurants to try. If you are in the mood to dress up all fancy, head to the Curragh for horse racing. Kildare Village is a must if you like to shop til you drop. There are so many great stores and discounts on offer. A popular spot for GirlCrewers is the Botanic Gardens. Entry is free and you get a chance to see plants and beautiful flowers from all over the world. If you are a budding photographer ( see what I did there? ) the garden is a wonderful place to take some great pictures. With so much to do in Kildare, no wonder it’s one of the most popular groups on the GirlCrew app.

Susanne Hayden

Susanne has always been a super active member in GirlCrew. When she joined the original Facebook group, she was always posting about different events members could go to, encouraging members to create their own events or being super helpful to anyone who was a bit nervous attending their first GirlCrew event. Susanne has also been so positive about the GirlCrew app. She has arranged so many events in the last couple of months, I don’t know how she keeps a full-time job! We are so grateful to Susanne and that’s why you deserve to be Community Ambassador of the Autumn.

Follow Susanne on the app here.

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