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Our GirlCrew Community Ambassador of the Autumn!

We value all our Community Ambassadors here at GirlCrew HQ. And we want to highlight all the amazing work they do for GirlCrew members. That’s why we are delighted to announce Susanne Hayden as our Community Ambassador of the Autumn. Find out why Susanne is so fantastic!

We Need To Talk About Being #1PayDayAway

Why have we started the #1PayDayAway campaign and what does it mean? Thousands of us all across the country are barely getting by, this needs to change – we need to change it.

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How I Got On at The Freelancer Forum

What does it take to be a freelancer? What even is a freelancer? The Freelancer Forum connects you like-minded people who work for themselves and are looking to create a community. Find out more about the Freelancer Forum here.

Why Freelancers Need to Build a Network

Working as a freelancer can be a tough road, but building a network can make things easier. From collaborating to help clients, to just chatting with others in the same boat coming together makes life easier.