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Mind Yourself with Mindfulness

GirlCrew members (or readers) can avail of a €40 discount on an upcoming mindfulness programme beginning this Wednesday 1st February, run by Wellspring Therapy and facilitated by Arran Kennedy.

Enter the code MindfulMe when reserving your place online to participate in the eight session programme for €180 instead of €220. Or sign up to the mailing list via their website to be notified about future one off workshops or other offers. Reserve Your Place | Sign Up to Mailing List

We chatted to Arran, who has a BA in Psychology as well as a Postragruadte Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, to find out a little more about what people can expect from the programme.

Mindfulness has almost become a buzz word, often the case with things that many people see benefits from. How are the majority of people using it or seeing positive results? He says what he’s seen it help people with most is worry and anxiety.

“We have big powerful brains, vivid imaginations, a well honed fight or flight response, a history of personal hurts along with an ‘autopilot’ that is designed to see things as threatening. So we automatically replay unpleasant experiences and anxiously rehearse things that might yet happen.”

Go us for having brains that are capable of that, but Arran goes on to explain that we can learn to take the reigns a little better, “Mindfulness makes a difference because it allows us to step out of this ‘autopilot’ perspective which drives our emotions our behaviour and physical symptoms.”

In his upcoming workshops with Wellspring Therapy, he’ll be using The Oxford Method. But what is that? 

While mindfulness has been around for decades as a form of stress reduction, and meditation has existed in spiritual practices for even longer, this particular style of mindfulness was created by professors and researchers  at the English university. They combined Mindfulness with psychotherapy and developed it into to a powerful, well researched mental and emotional health treatment.

We asked Arran what’s been most interesting to him, from his research and work in the area? 

“To me the most remarkable and powerful discovery is the evidence which shows that consciously broadening the virtues we act on daily, changes our brain structures, makes us more resilient to difficult situations and people, and makes us healthier happier and more successful in work, life and relationships.”

Sign up for the programme, or sign up to WellSpring’s mailing list to be notified of future offers or free one-off workshops.

GirlCrew will receive a small  fee on any places booked with the GirlCrew discount code. Thanks for supporting us, and for supporting a local business we love. 

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