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Earlier this summer we launched a new social ambassador programme. We wanted to work with women who are changing the world,  standing out, women that we admire very much. Be it for their fantastic talents, the way that they challenge us all to be better, or because of their outlook on life.

While sometimes these women are individuals forging ahead, other times they instill their values into their company. One woman who does just that is Kate O’Riordan, the founder of ethical clothing brand, Theo+George.

This clothing company revolves around the importance of sustainability in everyday life. Championing ethically sourced fabrics, a fair supply chain, and clothes with longevity; Kate and her team work hard to make everyday, effortless clothing.

How Theo + George Cares for Employees

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Theo + George care about their employees. And those they work with at every stage of the supply chain. In fact, Kate visited their different manufacturing partners to make sure all their employees are being treated and paid fairly. Ensuring that everyone they work with is treated fairly and with respect is a huge part of why we love this company.

Products Are Ethically Made 

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Not only do they care for humans, but they’re animal lovers too.  The company keeps social responsibility in mind during the whole textile process. All of Theo + George partners are open about their manufacturing processes and guarantee 100% traceability. They understand the importance of using textiles that produces minimal waste in manufacturing – and then recycling them afterwards. By designing timeless pieces this encourages customers to be more thoughtful in their spending habits. They promote the value of buying fewer items that are more durable and high-quality. So you don’t have to compromise on design, fit, quality, ethics, or longevity.

Recycling Partnership

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Recycling textiles, rather than throwing them out is very important. To help do their bit to stem waste, Theo+George have partnered with a textile recycling company which has access to over 1,500 recycling plants in Ireland. Additionally, all of their clothes come with a slip that shows the nearest recycling plant to the customer. Awareness is key to bettering our planet and the sustainability of the company and customers. Emphasising the importance of buying better and less, to help reduce the disposal economy. In addition to their recycling partnership, minimal and reusable packaging is used. Every bit counts.

Customer Value

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Ultimately this organisation understands the importance of good clothing. The impact on customers is an important consideration in business decisions.The owner, Katie O’Riordan, is a busy mother of two and knows the importance of comfortable and sustainable clothing in everyday life. Despite the fact that cashmere is not a cheap product to make or buy, they strive to make their clothes accessible to customers. True, they’re not as cheap as some high street shops, but when you consider the human and environmental cost of cheaper alternatives you’ll quickly see the benefits. Theo + George are open about their pricing, process, and every bit in between. You will always know what you are getting for your money. Plus with quality pieces you’ll have a lower cost per wear, so while you spend a little more now it’ll live even longer in your wardrobe. 

And if all that wasn’t enough to convince you, shopping from local businesses also does wonders for the economy.  When you buy local, your money stays local. Which in turns strengthens Ireland’s economy. Small, local organisations provide more job opportunities for the community. Also, buying from Theo + George means that your money will stay circulating locally. More cash in the local economy means that businesses in the area gain a greater share of the money circulating and betters the prosperity of the businesses. Win-win.

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We picked a small number of ambassadors from within our community who we think are killing it personally and professionally. These amazing women share our core values of ” Be a friend, be an ally, be the brave”. Download the GirlCrew app here.  Want to know about our other #SocialAmbassadors? Check out Emma Langford, Nerissa Mareeh, and Ilaina Khairulzaman.

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