Self Care With Sile Walsh | Meet the GirlCrewer #91

“I love what I do and get to work with so many different people. I have learned that no matter where you are in your life, you have the potential to improve it. With the right support anything is possible.” Life coach, Síle Walsh, tells us her story and answers your questions! Síle is also offering 25% off her services when you quote GirlCrew25. You can book here.

Self Care With Sile Walsh | Meet the GirlCrewer #91

This year, it feels like self-care is more important ever. We are constantly being bombarded with media, and it can feel like it’s always bad news. To counteract this, it’s important to take some time to care for yourself.

If you feel like things are getting on top of you, GirlCrew Cork member, Síle, can give you the tools you need to flourish. “I had a difficult time for a number of years previously and wanted to not just survive them but truly live in a fulfilled way. As I was learning more and more about myself, I started to also learn how to assist others and it organically grew from there. Then about 5 years ago I decided to take a punt on doing what I loved full time. It has just kept growing every year!” If this sounds like something you could do with, use the code GirlCrew25 to get your exclusive discount.

As with many life coaches, Síle was working on a different career path before making the move to helping others. “I am a qualified chef and had great ambitions for my career. However after some travel abroad and eventually a number of life changing trips to India I discovered as much as I loved cooking, I didn’t find it as fulfilling as personal development.” With this new goal in mind, Síle began to take a number of courses in the area. Eventually leading her to write her first title on self-care;  her second book, on co-dependency is currently in the works.

While her journey to this point hasn’t been easy, for Síle seeing the positive changes she can bring to the lives of others is very rewarding.”I can’t say life has been easy so far, it isn’t for many people and this reinforces the belief that this work is vital for everyone. Whether it’s a break up, losing a job, addictions, mental health difficulties, family challenges, self-esteem or things just don’t feel that good, coaching can help you.”

Quickfire Questions with Síle Walsh

1) Michelle: Is there much work in this area?

It depends, there is a lot of need for it but the trick is most people who are a great fit for coaching don’t prioritize their well-being or potential… they often put it off … for another day …. In general there are lots of coaches now however we all coach so differently and use different methods that there is always a need for our services.

2) Liv: I’m studying social studies at the moment and not sure what direction to go so I’d love to know what he job entails and how she got there?

I have been in personal development for over 11 years and the courses were firstly about me and then academic. Coaching psychology in UCC was helpful but so have a few of the lower academic ones such as personal development, leadership and etc.

3) Grainne: Where does one go from Fund accounting jobs wise?

So Grainne, that is really specific. Usually if we are in college for a topic or in the circles that is where we find out. Every industry has a process that works for that industry. So in short I don’t have the answer however the first place to start is with others training in the field or working in it. (Most jobs, a high percentage are found through contacts and not public advertising)

4) Tricia: How did you build up your client base? Is there a lot of work in the area? What courses/skills would you recommend gaining/building on to move into the area? Is is hard to work by yourself or do you have others to bounce ideas off off, exchange resources and generally get support from?

Coaching is a broad term and there are 100’s of different styles of coaching. The course you pick needs to relate to the type of coach you wish to be. I would say start with volunteering in an area you wish to work, that will give you an idea of the real day to day process. Then if that works perhaps a simple QQI6 coaching qualification.

I love working for myself, I am innovative and driven by my personal values of authenticity, connection and development. so It works for me. In saying that I love being part of a team too. I do go to supervision, therapy and I am always upskilling so I keep myself supported.

At the end of the day my wages are my responsibility but I like the challenge and freedom in that too.

5) Angele: Where do I start to become a motivational speaker?

Start by being passionate and knowing a topic really well. Know it and live it. Then your a working advertisement for what you wish to speak about. Depending on where you are in your pursuit of it already, I suggest starting off offering to speak for free at community events. This builds you a reputation which is vital for public speaking.

6) What’s your favorite thing about GirlCrew?

I love the connections, I love how friendly and part of it I feel. Even if I am only reading and not sharing.


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