Meet the GirlCrewer #32: Casey Gunnourie Flavour Consultant with Inspiration at Home

“Work smart, not long” – Casey Gunnourie

Meet GirlCrew Brisbane member Casey Gunnourie of Inspiration at Home

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These days it seems like there are new jobs, and funky job titles to match, popping up all over the place. One such title that I hadn’t heard before was Flavour Consultant, so I had the chats with Casey Gunnourie, GirlCrew Brisbane, to find out more. Casey holds this delicious-sounding role at Your Inspiration at Home who sell all natural, hand packaged products such as spice mixes, dry dip mixes, oils, vinegars, and drinking mixes — “teas, coffees and the most amazing chocolate powders you have ever tasted!”. YIAH focus on international flavours so for any avid foodies or amatuer cooks out there this company is basically a cheat-sheet for preparing amazing exotic dishes in the comfort of your own home. Yes, we know this is easier said than done so if you have no clue where to start YIAH also host parties and shin-digs to help those who are unsure where to start.

For Casey, this one of major appeals of the role – “I am a qualified engineer and it was quite amazing to share new experiences and activities, away from computer screens and chemical analysis! As part of my job I host parties, help people prepare delicious food, and have an amazing time with my friends, and friends of friends!” This new-found confidence in the kitchen has also perked up her daily routine as being inspired in the kitchen has led to healither food choices, and a more exciting menu. “I have used the products for over a year [and] I use a variety of them in my day to day cooking to help make my somewhat bland healthy food taste amazing. Adding the ‘Smokehouse BBQ’ dip mix to my broccoli, tuna and brown rice has motivated me to eat it every lunch time!” For those of you who fancy becoming a dab hand in the kitchen YIAH could be the first step, and with a consultant on your virtual doorstep it sounds like the perfect GirlCrew get-together.

1. What is the best thing about your role?

Becoming a consultant has also exposed me to products that I didn’t know existed;there are sweet vinegars that taste so good they can be used in cocktails! And its encouraged me to get together with my friends and family and try a whole range of cooking experiments.

2. What did you find most challenging about it?

I don’t come from a sales background so I generally find it hard to pucker up the courage to share the word about the products. Even though I would never promote anything I didn’t back 100%, and I LOVE the products, I want to spread the word about YIAH without coming across as a sleazy salesperson.

3. What is your proudest work related achievement to date?

Making a sale to my Dad, he is such a great cook and doesn’t go for pre-prepared foods, but he generally loved the products. It was a great sign for the quality of the products, and I really enjoyed the hours of bonding with Dad over cooking experiments!

4. What would be your one tip to others who want to get involved in this industry?

Share the experience with others, people love food, and especially trying new flavours! It makes the process more fun, gives you other opinions and ideas, and encourages your friends and family to start preparing delicious meals and snacks rather than ordering takeout when you come around!

5. What would be your motto in life, and in work?

My motto in work is work smart, not long. This feeds into my motto for life of not living for work, but working to live (though earning an income off preparing, selling and eating for food isn’t really that hard!)

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