Meet the GirlCrewer #28: Sarah Doyle of The Better Life Project

Meet Co-Founder and Life Coach Ninja at The Better Life Project, GirlCrew Dublin member, Co-Founder and Life Coach Ninja

“Say yes to everything that comes your way and learn from it all!”

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From GirlCrew Pro, to our careers page, and the new entrepreneurs group, it’s clear our members are constantly striving to reach new goals. So, in keeping with this spirit we decided to break our own rules and stick with this theme for another week. The Better Life Project (BLP) was founded in 2013 by Dublin member, Sarah Doyle, and aims to help people break out of their ruts and set clear goals to help them on the path to success. Working with everyone from The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) to Barretstown Camp, Sarah’s approach focuses on the mind and body as the sister business Revolution Fitness is linked closely to BLP – not least of all because it is run by Sarah’s partner, James Hanley.

The concept behind BLP was something that Sarah had thought about for a long time “[I] wanted to buy a building where young people coud hang out. It would be like a gym for your brain and I would help young people work on your mental fitness. It would be a safe and loving place where people could learn to be themselves. This became my dream!” While the dream was set the reality was a little different as Sarah became a project manager in an Irish university – “I was following my passions and getting paid for it but I became so bloody miserable. Work became incresingly stressful and isolating and without realising it I started to lose my sparkle.” With some timely reminders about her dreams from James, Sarah qualified as a life coach and started working with a few clients but this eventually ground to a halt. It took a personal tragedy to bring things back into a sharp focus and after the death of a family friend the beginnings of BLP were formed “That evening James looked at me and just said “Sarah, its time. Can’t you just imagine The Better Life Project Centre?’ It was the first time I had ever heard those words and for the first time ever I could imagine it, and I finally had no more excuses! Fourteen months after this converstaion I left my full time job to work full time on the BLP and I have never looked back.”

So, if you’re looking to take charge and regain some focus get in touch with Sarah – she’s also offering all GirlCrew members a 15% discount so there really is no excuse!

1. What is the best thing about your role?

The fact that I created it – it is quite literally is my dream. And every day I get to work with women to help them feel them empowered, happy and confident in themselves.

2. What did you find most challenging about it?

Running a business can be the loneliest, most isolating and challenging thing in the world; but the good outweigh the bad by a long shot!)

3. What is your proudest work related achievement to date?

There are two!
1. I actually quit my job to set up a business.
2. One of my old clients used to LOVE swimming but hadn’t been swimming on over 10 years because she was terrified of her body and being seen in a bikini. After a few weeks of working together she went swimming. Amazing!

4. What would be your one tip to others who want to get involved in this industry?

Be relentless! The biggest obstacle I have faced in my journey so far is myself; I am very good at standing in my own way but it’s hard to enjoy life when you are not really living it 😉 Say yes to everything that comes your way and learn from it all!

5. What would be your motto in life, and in work?

Be kind and be courageous (thank you Cinderella). And then other times if can simply be “don’t be an asshole”. |


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