Meet the GirlCrewer #18 Sarah Pickersgill: Social Media Expert with the Australian Government

“Believe in yourself. If you don’t, no one else will either. It’s something I struggled with for a long time, but it’s so important.”

Meet Social Media Expert & GirlCrew Melbourne member, Sarah Pickersgill


When someone tells you they work for the government, it often conjures images of fusty old offices full of stern looking people furiously debating behind closed doors. However, many governments are starting to engage with the public on new platforms and increase the dialogue between institutions and the populace. One such body is the Australian Government and GirlCrew Melbourne member, Sarah Pickersgill, is (wo)manning the tricky digital waters as their Social Media Expert.

Like many of our members, Sarah didn’t begin in the job that she currently has – “I had completed 6 months of university [but] deferred because I decided I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and was trying to figure it all out.” Leaving the college life behind, Sarah started in an entry level government job, answering phones and serving customers; for privacy reasons she can’t tell us which department, but I like to imagine her sitting behind a counter doling out kittens to people who needed cheering up. Sadly, not even this was enough to keep Sarah fulfilled and one day she realised that she wasn’t going to progress out by doing the same job she hated every day, and so she started applying for other positions in her department and kind of fell into her role by accident -“I’m so glad I did, because I love it and I’m going back to Uni next month to study Communications! This job has really helped come into my own and figure out where I want to go in terms of my career. I have a massive passion for beauty and fashion, and I’m hoping to use my qualification and experience to get into a communications role in that industry.” And, with such a great attitude we’re sure Sarah will be a success no matter what she turns her hand to so watch this space!


1. What is the best thing about your role?

I love the fast pace of social media – it very much suits my personality. I love to be busy! I also really enjoy the creative aspect. I have a lot of creative freedom to develop exciting and engaging content for our social media accounts.

2. What did you find most challenging about it?

I’ve never had so much responsibility in a role before. It’s up to me to self-manage my work load, which was challenging at first, but it’s become a really great thing because I got to showcase what I could do and how driven I am.

3. What is your proudest work related achievement to date?

I was nominated for an internal award in our department by my Team Leader called the “Courage Under Fire” award, which basically recognised my ability to work well under immense pressure and pull things together last minute when needed. It was really amazing to be recognised in that way, and has given me a lot of confidence.

4. What would be your one tip to others who want to get involved in this industry?

A qualification is definitely a huge bonus. I am going to get my Bachelor to complement my experience and it will open up more opportunities for me career wise. Also, be prepared to work hard. Media and social media are incredibly fast paced and things can come up at a moment’s notice. You have to be incredibly organised and efficient.

5. What would be your motto in life, and in work?

Believe in yourself. If you don’t, no one else will either. It’s something I struggled with for a long time, but it’s so important.


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