Meet Nerrissa Mareeh – A Blogger With A Purpose

Nerrissa Meerah wearing camo jacket in front of flowers

Earlier this summer we launched a new social ambassador programme. We wanted to work with women who are changing the world,  standing out, women that we admire very much. Be it for their fantastic talents, the way that they challenge us all to be better, or because of their outlook on life. Today we’re talking about Nerrissa Mareeh.

Not too long ago we stumbled across Nerrissa. Now we might be new to her fan club, but what we saw made us fall in love with her immediately. Not only is this girl living her best life, but through her endeavors she’s championing sustainable shopping, social good causes and bringing creatives in San Jose together. How she manages to squeeze it all in we’re not sure, but Ms Nerrissa deserves a round of applause.

Clean Products

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The first reason we love Nerrissa? Her use of clean and sustainable beauty products. Choosing to use eco-friendly beauty products is a simple way to better our environment, and the best part is: they work amazingly well! When you use clean beauty products, you reduce the use of animal testing and the production of harmful ingredients that continue to pollute our oceans. It is truly a win-win. Some of the brands that Nerrissa loves are: Cocokind Organic Skincare, MGS Accessories, and Seed Phytonutrients. You have to check them out!

San Jose Creatives

The second reason why we love Nerrissa? Her passion for bringing together strong, intelligent women. Nerrissa is the co-founder of San Jose Creatives, a supportive space to network with like minded San Jose creative entrepreneurs. Not only does this group encourage strong women to connect simply through social media, but San Jose Creatives also hosts monthly events throughout the year to both highlight sustainable companies and bring together motivated people like herself. For example, San Jose Creatives recently put on a networking event where they featured Juice Co. LG, a 100% organic and raw juice company. Yum!

Sustainable Fashion

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The third reason we’re obsessed with Nerrissa? Her fashion, and not just because it’s off the charts. Not only does Nerrissa love her clean beauty products, but she is also an advocate for sustainable shopping. Her vintage style doesn’t just come from any store; rather, Nerrissa shops at thrift and second-hand stores to support an ethical way of shopping. Vintage and thrift stores are a great choice not only for the environment, but also a great way to upgrade your wardrobe. Re-wearing clothing helps to reduce waste and pollution, while decreasing the demand for newly produced items. In fact, Nerrissa even hosted an SFGoodwill Summer of Love Party, in which she picked out some of her favorite clothing items from the thrift store to help promote sustainable fashion and give her customers some great tips! Want to stay up to date with future events? Pop over to her insta and give her a follow. 

We picked a small number of ambassadors from within our community who we think are killing it personally and professionally. These amazing women share our core values of ” Be a friend, be an ally, be the brave”. Download the GirlCrew app here.  Want to know about our other #SocialAmbassadors? Check out Emma Langford, Ilaina Khairulzaman, and Theo + George.

8 thoughts on “Meet Nerrissa Mareeh – A Blogger With A Purpose”

  1. Oooh someone new to follow- thank you for highlighting someone who is clearly doing great work in a variety of spaces. I can definitely see why she has or is amassing a fan-club, quickly. The highlighting of great women is refreshing! Thank you!

  2. I love posts like this that feature others, especially when they are doing good works in the arena of making the world a better place! Nerissa sounds like a powerful woman who is going places for sure! Always good to know there are people in the world who still care about humanity in all forms!

  3. I love this article! I think being sustaining is something we all strive for, but often get caught up in the busyness of life. Shortcuts are sometimes easier, but not for the long run. Nerissa is a prime example of living to the fullest. Bringing others together and building each other up. Love it!!

  4. Okay, I’m sure after reading this we can all admit that we love Nerissa too! Such an inspiring creative doing her part to connect and motivate others. Totally clicking over to follow her on her adventures in San Jose.

  5. I love that your featuring a woman that promotes clean beauty products; in this day and age, it boggles my mind that cosmetic and beauty companies are still testing products on animals!

  6. Nerrissa sounds so amazing, not to mention so beautiful! Love that she’s so passionate about eco-friendly beauty products!

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