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Earlier this summer we launched a new social ambassador programme. We wanted to work with women who are changing the world,  standing out, women that we admire very much. Be it for their fantastic talents, the way that they challenge us all to be better, or because of their outlook on life. Today, we’re talking about Emma Langford. 

Basically, these women are fire – we love them and you should too. If you’ve been following our social you’ll have seen us talk about them a little. But we wanted to fall in the love with them as much as we do, so we delved a little deeper. This week we’re sharing with you just some of the reasons why we love, Emma Langford.

Raising Awareness of Important Issues

Not only is Emma an amazing alternative folk artist, but she is simply also a great person. While some musicians utilize their largely-followed social media platforms for personal gain, Emma takes the opportunity to raise awareness of societal issues to her followers. For example, she recently tweeted an anti-cyber bullying photo, opening up the doors for discussion on how important it is to end any and all forms of bullying on the web. Her motivation for social change inspires not just her fans, but truly everyone around her.

Standing up for Mental Health Issues

Emma also is active in the area of mental health. In January 2018, she played for free at the Metis Music for Mental Health show, a special gig that raised funds for Pieta House and Limerick Suicide Watch. 100% of the ticket sales went to benefit the charities. Recently, Emma donated €200 to JigsawYMH—a supportive organization to those between the ages of 12-25 struggling with mental health issues—from downloads of her song “He Came From the Sea”. Emma continues to not only raise awareness of the issue, but also be a role model for those struggling with mental health.

Social Activism

While Emma has a beautiful singing voice, she also uses her voice and platform to protest. In 2017, she took part in a protest with over 100 people at Shannon Airport, protesting against Donald Trump and his anti-immigration policies. ‘I can’t stand absolutely anything the man does. He has zero sense of humanity. Everything he does is founded in racism, misogyny and prejudice, and I’m not willing to tolerate it. We need to be the voice for people who can’t stand up for themselves and be heard.’ Emma continues to use her social media platform to cultivate social justice, standing up for what she believes in and motivating those around her to do the same.

In love with Emma as much as we are? Well here’s your chance to see her live! Emma will be playing at Swanley Park Folk Festival in London on August 25th at 3:45 p.m., as well as the Fairplé event Rising Tides at Liberty House in Dublin on September 9th. Can’t make either of those events? Emma will be touring with Beoga all throughout the month of September! You’ll have to check it out.

We picked a small number of ambassadors from within our community who we think are killing it personally and professionally. These amazing women share our core values of ” Be a friend, be an ally, be the brave”. Download the GirlCrew app here.  Want to know about our other #SocialAmbassadors? Check out Ilaina Khairulzaman, Nerissa Mareeh, and Theo + George.

7 thoughts on “Meet Emma Langford – Using Your Platform for Good”

  1. I LOVE the idea that you’re featuring strong women with passion AND a voice they are willing to use! Keep up the good work!

  2. Raising awareness of little-known happenings that others need to know about is always important. That’s great that Emma Lang speaks openly about mental health matters.

  3. Szebastian Onne #INSPIRE

    Emma Langford is a legend in her own rights. And her work for the community at large has always been the shining star of her persona. And Mental Health is not the only thing, she covers a lot of topics to do with social reforms in general. She is amazing!

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