5 ways MyLadyBug.ie makes my period a bit nicer

About two years ago I bumped into Maryrose Simpson at a GirlCrew Entrepreneurs event, and she immediately wowed me with MyLadyBug. A monthly subscription box that delivers women their period products. For me, this was groundbreaking.

I have never been “good” at managing my period. I’m never prepared. I am 100% caught off guard. Every. Damn. Time. I never have the required inventory. I am never mentally ready. Without going into details, you don’t want, on a scale from “running marathons” to “curling up in the in the fetal position sobbing and eating Ben & Jerry’s”; I lie firmly on the latter end of the scale. A box that is delivered to my house like clockwork at my time of the month, every month (I don’t know how she does that it ‘s like magic) has made my quality of life at that time of the month exceptionally higher.

1. Tampons, pads, and understanding them a bit better


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MyLadyBug sends me slightly too many tampons and pads each month. This means I can stash them places like in handbags, under my desk, and in the glove box of my car. I am now so prepared I feel like a boy scout.

Pre-MyLadyBug it never occurred to me that tampons could contain harmful chemicals like chlorine bleach, and BPA’s (check out this Time article for more details). By simply having the option for chemical free products on her website, MyLadybug allowed me to do my research and decide what worked best for me. Personally, convenience is still my priority. I currently use a combination of regular tampons and the chemical free version and will be moving to entirely chemical free when my current stash of tampons are used up.

2.Pukka teas

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Herbal teas are known for being soothing, and some people successfully use them for pain relief. I am not one of those people. However, I do find Pukka “Love” and “Night” teas help me relax and get a good nights sleep at that time of the month.

3. A reminder to pick up pain relief

Back in the days where I was continuously unprepared for my period. I would never remember to pick up my pain relief of choice. These days as my MyLadyBug box arrives through the door; I’m off down to the corner shop to stock up.

4. Chocolate

Period Chocolate
I literally can not think of anything as nice as getting chocolate in the post. Coming home from a hard day at work, seeing my MyLadyBug box and thinking “Galaxy” is bliss. We apparently crave chocolate due to its ability to mimic serotonin and produce endorphins. There’s also some debate about PEA (the hormone of love) and chocolates ability to mimic the effects of “butterflies” to make you feel better. Which also ties in with a study from the University of Chicago connecting chocolate to pain relief. Another study  suggests you may also be craving magnesium which leads use to chocolate. Even though those leafy greens would be better for us. Or maybe we just want a treat when we are feeling a little under the weather. Overall, chocolate is the perfect addition to a MyLadybug box.

5. Other goodies that make my period nicer

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Everyone loves a surprise, and MyLadyBug delivers them (literally). This is lovely as who doesn’t want a new necklace from my shining armour or a multivitamin that might make you feel a bit more chipper from @wearehaps. beauty goodies and other lovely things that will make you feel spoilt are also included.

MyLadyBug founder Maryrose Simpson is a GirlCrew member and has kindly offered a discount to our Dublin Premium Members on her 3, 6, and 9-month packages. Check out the Premium Discount page for more details. Her packages start at €9.99 for a single month. Discounts apply for paying for 3, 6 or 9 months in advance. You can follow MyLadyBug on Instagram and Twitter.

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