Life is More Fun with Colour and Choice

Life is more fun with colour

They say variety is the spice of life, and with GirlCrew this has never been truer. Starting off as a way for women to always have a dancing partner, we’ve seen our small gang grow into an international network with groups in Asia, Europe, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. This expansion has also seen a huge growth in the type of activities and shenanigans that our members get up to. From hiking up mountains to exclusive parties with beauty brands, glamping trips, and even axe-throwing (yes, really!); the flexibility of the community means that anyone can suggest, create, or attend any event so there’s something for everyone from the culture vulture to the club queen. In fact, we are often so spoilt for choice that our events lists can look like someone just went a bit mad at the pick’n’mix stand of life – but we wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s great to see girls bond at these events, and they still remain the best way to make those lasting connections. Online chats, and giggles, are great for those initial introductions but as the fun happens offline we’d urge to make the plunge and get out there. For one Aussie member this variety, and spontaneity, means that GirlCrew is the perfect place to find exciting things to do.

Photo of GirlCrew Melbourne on a wine tour at the Yarra Valley

Photo of GirlCrew Melbourne on their wine tour of the Yarra Valley


My GirlCrew Experience….

GirlCrew has been so much fun over the past year for me! I do have a heap of friends – but they all seem to be coupled off or just unavailable when I want to do cool activities. Late last year GirlCrew organised a winery tour which I happily jumped on board with. Of course being the new kid on the block to these events can be scary but I wasn’t alone, there was another fresh GirlCrewer eager to have a great time too. Over the year I’ve also attended Friday night drinks and went to the Melbourne international comedy festival. I think the concept of GirlCrew is fantastic and can’t wait to attend or even create a few new activities for the Melbourne based GirlCrew 🙂

Cassandra, GirlCrew Melbourne

Once you’ve attended your first event, you quickly notice that everyone is there for the same thing. We all want to enjoy life and make new friends along the way. This is particularly true as we leave behind institutions like school, or college, as it can be tough to get that regular interaction with others. Work places are often a good place to start, but sometimes this isn’t always feasible and many of us can be wary of mixing business with pleasure. As we get older it can get tough to coordinate schedules, but through GirlCrew you always have someone who is down for fun. The benefit of our location-based groups means you are immediately accessing vibrant women in your community, so making new friends couldn’t be easier. Especially as our events are created by you! So, if you see a cool art show you want to check out or you fancy dining in your town’s newest bistro, or perhaps you want to hit the festival scene, our members are just a post away.  Find you crew now!

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