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Adopt Adventure into Your LifeEarlier this summer we launched a new social ambassador programme. We wanted to work with women who are changing the world,  standing out, women that we admire very much. Be it for their fantastic talents, the way that they challenge us all to be better, or because of their outlook on life. Today, we’re talking about Kimiko Marie. 

There are so many different ways to adopt adventure into your life. When we say adopt adventure, we don’t expect you to drop everything and go on a whirlwind backpacking trip throughout Europe (although this is the dream). What we do mean is for you to get out of that rut and change up your daily routines here and there. This could be trying new exercise classes, taking up a new hobby, eating new foods you usually wouldn’t, etc.

Take Kimiko, from Kindly Kimiko, for example. Kimiko was a Park Ranger for several years, and although she no longer works for the National Parks, she uses her blog to reach people and encourage them to adventure inside and outside of their area. Want to live life like Kimiko? Check out these tips for working adventures big and small in to your everyday life.

Give Back & Kick Back


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A balanced lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. Given Kimiko’s passion for nature, she often gives back to her local parks to conserve them to keep them beautiful for everyone to enjoy. Recently, she helped co-host the Parks Conservancy event to clean up Fort Miley. There are so many ways to give back to your local community. Use your passions to help out in the community, whether that be volunteering for a non-profit, or buying a strangers coffee to pass it forward. Giving back, anyway you can, is a very rewarding experience, but feel free to treat yourself afterwards. Spend the rest of your day doing other things you love, like hanging out with friends and family, getting a tasty treat, taking a nap, you name it. Balance breeds balance, which means adopting a balanced lifestyle in some aspects can help other areas of your life fall into place. Giving back is such a simple process and a great way to adopt adventure into your life.

New Year, New Intentions


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Each year Kimiko has an area of focus that drives her actions throughout the year; it can be a feeling, state, single word or phrase. This past year she chose to focus on the idea of transformation. In order to carry out this intention, she adopted a more minimalist lifestyle which helped simplify not only her wardrobe but her outlook on aspects of her life. Once you have your intention laid out, organize the different categories of your life by setting goals for your year. Try journaling to set these goals outs, from career, to mind, body, soul, finances, and more. Figure out what is important in your life and what and how you want to improve moving forward. Setting intentions is not only for the New Year, you decide when you want a fresh start, so start today if you wish!

Spice Up Your Sundays


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Kimiko and her friend took a Sunday to break up their usual brunch routine to spend their day a bit more productively. Instead of sipping on mimosas all morning (very relatable), they got a good workout in, trying Orangetheory Fitness for the first time. After working up an appetite they opted for a more nutritious lunch in the Bay area. It is important to invite change into your life. Even if it is just one day of the week that you break up your routine, use that day to its full potential. For a lot of people (myself included) change isn’t an easy task to take on, but we all need to learn how to embrace change, both small and large. Spice up your life and do something different today, to adopt adventure into your life!

Keep Nature Close


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Take it from Kimiko, she understands the importance of getting back to your roots. Kimiko preaches the idea of forest bathing; the practice of visiting nature to slow things down. It has been known to attribute to the health benefits of: lowering heart rate and blood pressure, reducing stress, boosting immune system, and increasing overall wellbeing. Taking a break from your crazy, hectic lives and surrounding yourself in the serenity and the relaxation nature provides is a little tip that everyone can benefit from here and there. After work, or on the weekends, take a trip to your local park or to the nearest forest or national park and enjoy the true beauty of mother nature and all the positive vibes around you.

Join GirlCrew Premium


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Joining premium is the best way to easily incorporate adventure into your life. There is a GirlCrew Premium group now in San Francisco that Kimiko is a part of. Herself and the other members meet four times a month and attend fun events hosted by GirlCrew, from dinner, bowling, comedy shows, and much more. As a GirlCrew member you can host your own events or invite other members to join you on outings, so you always have a friend that shares the same passions, values, and thirst for fun as you. GirlCrew is an adventure in itself by getting to meet new people, and gain a strong community of women there to support you and make all of life’s big and little moments that much better.

Do you think you could use these tips to adopt adventure into your life? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Want more tips like this? Read Kimiko’s blog to follow her journey and make some improvements for yourself! Want some ideas for what to do around San Francisco? Join the San Francisco GirlCrew group to make new friends and go on some fun adventures. Want to grab some delicious food in the area with some friends? We know just the place!

We picked a small number of ambassadors from within our community who we think are killing it personally and professionally. These amazing women share our core values of ” Be a friend, be an ally, be the brave”. Download the GirlCrew app here.  Want to know about our other #SocialAmbassadors? Check out Emma LangfordIlaina Khairulzaman, Nerissa Mareeh, Theo + George.

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