I thought Galentine’s Day was lame…

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By Lynsey Floskins

I hadn’t heard of the concept of Galentine’s Day until a few years ago when I was watching Parks and Recreation. Our plucky heroine Lesley Knope (played by Amy Poehler) throws a party the day before Valentine’s Day to celebrate women being awesome with a longer storyline involving helping her mother track down a lifeguard that saved her from drowning back in the day. You might want to watch the episode (s2, ep16) to get the full lowdown on that. I watched the antics unfold and thought “that’s the lamest thing I’ve ever heard.”

I’ve realised I have quite a tricky relationship with V-Day itself. I’m lazy and cynical but still quite like the idea of romance in a standoffish kind of way. Somehow, a long time ago before the war, I ended up with Valentine’s Day as an anniversary with a boyfriend. We were both playing it cool and hadn’t been on a date yet so I jokingly (story of my life) said something along the lines of “hey, my friends are doing this 80s night and it just happens to fall on the 14th. I know! Cringe, right? We should go though.” And we went and it was great fun but we ended up being together for a long time after that. Meaning two people who were genuinely not arsed about that kind of thing had the yearly should we bother to do anything? internal debate but it was exacerbated due to it also being an anniversary and generally we didn’t. Or maybe that was just towards the end.

Some people I know are mad into it. But I also have friends (in couples) who fall into the it’s for single people to go out on the pull or to receive cards from distant admirers camp and friends (singletons) in the it’s for couples to be nauseatingly OTT and buy all that tacky shit camp.

An incident that doesn’t exactly paint me in glory happened a couple of years ago. I’m pretty sure we’d agreed not to buy each other anything but I can’t remember now. But it ended with me shouting in a shopping centre “but every so and so likes flowers” (I’ve censored myself here) and him saying “’it’s like I don’t even know you.” The moral of the story being only say “let’s not do anything” if you really mean it because they will more than likely hold you to your word. I’m a pretty literal person myself so if somebody tells me not to do something then I’m not going against that.

So, maybe it was a combination of all these things that led me to changing my mind about Galentine’s Day. What could be more fun and pressure-free than going out with the girls and having a laugh? And if you happen to have a date on V-Day as well then that’s just greedy, I mean, a bonus.


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