Making Friends Online

How to Make Friends Online

One of the great things about GirlCrew is that we get to see members brave that first event and become firm friends. Taking that first step is often the hardest task and it can be a bit of trial and error. Sometimes we gel with people, and sometimes we don’t, that’s life, but you never know where those lasting friendships can come from so putting yourself out there is the only way to know. When you find yourself wondering how to make friends online, it’s often best to start with your interests, having something in common makes things easier as you have a mutual passion. Is there a club you love going to, a museum you like whiling away the day in, or even a coffee shop that you treat as a second bedroom? These are all good places to get the ball rolling, a simple post of “Hey! Want to check X spot out?” is enough to get things moving. Taking the leap as a newbie does take guts, some people say it’s like first date nerves, but you quickly realise that everyone is in the same boat. If you’re unsure about being a leader why not embrace the chance to join in the fun by simply responding to a post. It’s likely that you won’t become bosom buddies with everyone you meet but once you find your groove you are set, and you never know what could spark off that next friendship.


My GirlCrew Experience…


I was listening to some radio show in a hairdressers…can’t remember the radio station or the hairdressers…but they mentioned GirlCrew. I checked GirlCrew out on Facebook and requested to join.  There was a post asking what ages everyone was and what kind of music they listen to.  I love rock and blues so I mentioned a few bands and the original poster, a girl called Dearbhla, asked if I wanted to go to a blues gig to raise money for the homeless. We arranged to meet on the front of Luas and got to chatting, [and] had a ball at the gig. We met again for coffee, coffee, comedy gig and many more times… coffee, crisps, tours, plays. I’m really glad I answered that post and got the courage to go to that first gig. Dearbhla is a really funny, kind, caring and thoughtful friend – think she’s stuck with me now! 🙂


Kathleen – GirlCrew Dublin


If you are looking to make new friends GirlCrew is a great place to start, we have members from all walks of life so our communities are fun and vibrant. From swanky dinner dates, jet setting off to far flung places, your new gym buddy, or even a coffee and a chat, there are events for everyone – and if you don’t see anything you like you’re always welcome to suggest an event. Our tip for making friends online would be don’t narrow your focus. Obviously don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with, but sometimes you can just as much fun laughing at the cheesy music as you can dancing to it. Last time we set you a challenge of breaking your own record and pushing your boundaries. This time why don’t you take the plunge and reply to an event that you think looks interesting. If you haven’t posted before it’s a great way to get to chat with others and embrace those new experiences – you’d be surprised how much you may have in common with your fellow members. We often see how a simple post can turn into the most hilarious thread, after all everyone is here to have a good time. If you’d like to get in on the action make sure you join your local crew now, your next BFF might just be a click or two away!

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