How To Make Friends in Waterford

Waterford has to be one of the prettiest cities in Ireland. And we may be a *little* biased in saying that because our co-founder, Elva, is from there, BUT I still think it’s really pretty. And I plan to go back some day soon. While it’s ridiculously scenic, it is small so it can be hard to make new friends there. So never ones to sit on the sidelines, we’ve compiled some suggestions on how to make friends in Waterford. Post one on the GirlCrew app or website to see if any other women nearby want to go with you!

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1. Chocolate Brings Everyone Together

Chocolate helps the release of serotonin, known as the happy hormone, in the brain. So what could be better than a delicious treat that also makes you happy. In the words of the infamous Elle Woods – “Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don’t shoot their husbands – they just don’t!” And while we’re not talking about murder, chocolate is serious business. So of course it makes sense to go to Carter’s Cafe and help yourself to a toffee popcorn hot chocolate. What makes Carter’s extra special is that it’s local and the staff are always super lovely. The perfect spot for a GirlCrew catch-up.

2. See a Show

There is so much to see at Garter Lane Arts Centre. They have weekly plays, gigs and movies. There are also photography and art shows if you are in the mood for something different. And if you really want to get out of you comfort zone their dances clubs are a great way to make friends in Waterford. They have one on right now for Cuban, Salsa, Kizomba, and Bachata. I’ve always wanted to learn how to salsa dance! Going to a show, or learning a new skill is a great way to bond with new people. This definitely gets my vote if you’re worried about how to make friends in Waterford.

3. Go for a Cycyle

Waterford Greenway has so many breathtaking views, more than likely you will stop every five minutes to take the perfect Instagram picture. It’s a lovely way to get some exercise in while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Go for a walk, a cycle, a run or even organise a dog walking event with the local crew. You definitely have to include the pups in the snap #DogsofInstagram. And don’t worry if you don’t own a bike, the folks over at the aptly named Waterford Greenway Bike Hire can sort you out.

4. Ladies who Golf

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Stacy Lewis is a golfing legend. She has won two major championships: the Kraft Nabisco Championship in 2011 and the Women’s British Open in 2013. Take inspiration from her and join a golf club. Classes run throughout the year for all levels of golfers at the Waterford Castle Golf Club. Group classes run for a 4 week period with one class a week, each week a different part of the golf came is covered. The group classes are a great way to get to know people who are also trying to take up the game.

5. Learn to be a Lifeguard

Ardmore Adventures have lots of different activities to choose from but learning to be a lifeguard is a valued life skill and a great way to meet new people. This is a chance to challenge yourself and put yourself out there. Afterwards, you have a certificate and a team outing to celebrate your achievement.

I keep saying to break out of your comfort zone and that’s the trick on how to make friends as an adult. Break out from the norm and try something new. What do you think? Would you try any of the things on the list or is there anything you recommend? Leave a comment below and let us know. And if you’re wondering how to make friends in Waterford, why not get some of the crew together for an outing.

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18 thoughts on “How To Make Friends in Waterford”

  1. I m slowly breaking out of my norm and make friends. It would be fun to be a lifeguard. I would be the one cycling, eating chocolate and enjoining the shows!

  2. I’ve never been to Ireland, but I do hear that it is beautiful. These suggestions for getting to know people in a new area are so unique and would definitely work. Very thoughtfully written post.

  3. It is so true that chocolate brings everyone together! So much girl talk has happened over some amazing chocolates.

  4. I agree, it is seldom that people says NO for chocolates. A good way to meet friends and new acquiantances.

  5. I had never heard of this place before this post but it looks super cute and just my style! Super unique post too! Thanks for sharing

  6. Wow…. Went to the greenway on Sunday for a walk, it’s a beautiful place I must say…. Looking for friends I can always go out with… Make memories with as am new in Waterford and will be here for some time.

  7. Love all the ideas but its still difficult to make friends I go to shows movies walk the Geenway but alone.. I am new to Waterford just here since Feb

  8. Have you tried posting one of these to do with other women from GirlCrew on the GirlCrew app? Log in at 🙂

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