Making Friends in Vancouver

Vancouver is a great city, there’s always loads going on and if you’re a fan of being active then you’re in luck. However, making friends in Vancouver can be hard, especially if you have just moved to the city. These tips will get you out and about, and meeting new people in no time.

Take a Burlesque Class

Vancouver is Canada’s burlesque capital. There are so many famous performers that have come from Vancouver, such as Burgundy Brixx, April O’Peel, and Precious Metal. Why not channel your inner diva and go to a class? Burlesque in Vancouver has lots of classes available to suit everyone. A great way to get out of your comfort zone and make some new friends.

Go Kayaking

Vancouverites love to kayak, especially in the summer. You can kayak along Vancouver beaches, around Stanley Park, and through False Creek. If you’re a beginner, you can take a lesson or a tour with Deep Cove Kayak.

Go for a Cycle

Going on a bike tour is the perfect way to see the beautiful city of Vancouver. Bike Tour Vancouver goes to lots of great places around the city, check out the murals on Main St! Tour guide Jeremy is a third generation Vancouverite who has a great passion and enthusiasm to show off the history of Vancouver. It’s a great way to meet people, especially those visiting the city, or new to the city.

Bring Your Own Best Friend for a Walk

Who knew there were so many dedicated dog parks in Vancouver? Emery Barnes Park is just one of them. So why not bring your little fur baby out for a walk and while you’re making friends, let them make friends too! Your dog will enjoy making new friends in Vancouver.

If In Doubt, Coffee

JJ Bean on Davie and Homer Street as the ‘friendliest corner in the city. Its a hub for coffee lovers everywhere and their staff are always there to greet you with a friendly hello. JJ Bean also hosts coffee tasting events every month. So you can go and learn about the specialty coffee selection process and what professional coffee graders look for in great coffee. Now you can bond with your new best friend over your favorite blend. Me? Id go for the apple fritter cruffin alone because it’s fun to say and sounds delicious! If you want someone to go with, download the GirlCrew app, and post in the Vancouver group. When it comes to making new friends in Vancouver, GirlCrew is the easiest way. Don’t worry if you’re shy, everyone is very welcoming and friendly!

Making New Friends in Vancouver – give us your suggestions

What do you like to do in Vancouver? How do you make friends? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to download the GirlCrew app and start making brand new friends!

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  1. I visited Vancouver this summer and I felled in love with the city. I live in NYC and I would like to go back to Vancouver to explore more. This is the reason why I would like to make a friend in Vancouver who would like to show me more and maybe wants also to explore NYC and have me as guide.
    Thank you for helping.

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